Collapsed speed-1 LAN port of RT-N66U how to fix the port?

Hello! Then there was one little probleme... it All started with the fact that the checked scan (NOD32) router RT-N66U with the following identifying threats CVE-2014-9583. Cured install the latest version of the firmware from the developer ( before that was native H. H. H. H. 374.xxxx). Everything was installed , the errors disappeared, but... I have a system: HD Asus O player!Play HDP-R1 ↔ RT-N66U ↔ actually a PC. So began the worst brake on the exchange of information between PC and player (wired connection), what a feeling as if you go out to the Internet on 2G or EDGE!!!! Even Moservice loaded for 10 minutes... I must say the Internet ↔ router ↔ PC without problems , the rate at rate, but with the player to the computer and the Internet is very simple to use. Tried directly (bypassing the RT-N66U) with player (threw the wire) to enter the network, pre-zappanale, everything turned Glast, online radio all right!!! Crept suspicious (probably guessed it) the thought: the PORT!! Swapped 1 and 2, and indeed 1 began to fail/slow down. Therefore, such a question is brewing: can I test the speed on each port and how? And if indeed the port was glitched, can it be cured?? I was advised to try to do a factory reset and clean the nvram, but... then I remembered that I wasn't the one the router is set up and the man is now out of reach... well Yes to the IPTV Rostelecom identity of the master set up. So with zero router I'm bibizyana! with a grenade, what's there and what data to score!!! But without concrete cleaning can fix?! :huh: Thank you.
June 16th 19 at 20:18
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June 16th 19 at 20:20
This soap dish on a standard firmware to configure nothing special. What prevents to see the current settings for trite eyes and make screens?
Well, for diagnostics you can poke.
June 16th 19 at 20:22 does not work: when I try to change the General display of the port is lost and writes DOWN .
Although the idea is good, but that does not change... - nikita.Stracke commented on June 16th 19 at 20:25
and what to change? try to start through 10 half-duplex.
If nothing changes errors on the port run? - Noemy49 commented on June 16th 19 at 20:28
1 shows the port 10FD, change as the other three, to 100: the indicator stops burning
05b0d249563f475a800bfea4517bc3f0.png - nikita.Stracke commented on June 16th 19 at 20:31

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