Why does my computer lose its connection to the Internet gateway?

Good afternoon, such problem?
there is a company in the company about 8 departments and about 100 PC in each Department is managed switch cisco, for 8-24 port, issue the following:
Recently strange began to happen. Part of the computers, about 10, just lose the Internet connection(so the error is lost connection to the gateway) and all the Internet comes out, the internal network does not see, balls-premises doesn't see and doesn't leave anywhere, yet will not distort the cable, or until you turn off/will include a network. This is happening on certain computers and at the same time. All computers are the same configuration, the network map is the same everywhere, and software is the same everywhere. In the server is the router Mikrotik, it crammed all the rules and so on. Is a CISCO router, on it is lifted DHCP the server.
PC configuration
1) the Parent plan : ASROCK 960GM-VGS3 FX motherboard
2) 4 GB RAM DDR 3
3)CPU: AMD FX6300
4)SSD: 60 gb

By the way. sometimes there is BSOD when shut down and plug in the cable the Internet. The exact code is not called.

PS. a temporary solution, so to speak CASTILE, I found it. Just bought a cheap network card and it all works perfectly, but is not the solution.

Thanks in advance!
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June 16th 19 at 20:22
DHCP lease 99.5%
View the lease time addresses and compare with the failed locale after switching on the PC symptoms PC presipresident ip from dhcp server and for some reason it does not receive or does not accept.
And the other network card solves the problem is most likely that she has another software (driver)
therefore, as an option to update network card drivers on the problem PC
Drivers tried to update, even tried to update the BIOS(Jacob, as stated by the manufacturer, improved stability ) But it didn't help. Another question, Kaspersky can influence? should Kaspersky managed Kaspersky center, which stands at us on the server.
By the way, sometimes the computers which have been "peredumal cord Internet, fell out in BSOD with an error KLIM6.sys(This is a file virus, somewhere there must be a connection? but it's not at all PC for 2-3 - davin.Schroeder commented on June 16th 19 at 20:25
If Kaspersky is firewall that can easily influence if BSOD then you can try the Casper update - andreanne commented on June 16th 19 at 20:28
in short , the breaks occur at 10 o'clock, 13 hours and 4 hours
In short, the periodicity of reset Internet 3 hours! - davin.Schroeder commented on June 16th 19 at 20:31
At this time Kaspersky is updated? Look at what time the ip is issued - andreanne commented on June 16th 19 at 20:34

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