Why ajax is not working correctly, ie not instant action?

Want to make that at a clique on a picture was an ajax request, i.e. changed from a value without refreshing the page. And another question, click on what you need to hang? I click hung on
Here he ajax request
the <script>
$(document).on('click', '#ajax-view', function(){
 var self = this;
 url: 'inc/ajax-view.php',
 method: 'GET',
 dataType : "json",
 data: {
 success: function(data) {
return false;

Here the handler
 require_once "../db/config.php";

$view_1 = '1';
$view_2 = $_GET['view_2'];

 $sql_2 = "UPDATE video SET view = view + :view_1 WHERE id = :view_2";
 $stw = $pdo--->prepare($sql_2);
 $stw->bindParam(':view_1', $view_1);
 $stw->bindParam(':view_2', $view_2);
 echo json_encode($stw);

That's what is click
<div id="ajax-view" data-id="<?php echo $art['id']; ?>" class="uk-card-default" uk-lightbox>
 <a href="../media/<?php echo $art['place_of_location'].'.mp4' ?>">
 <div class="uk-card-media-top uk-uk inline-inline-clip uk-transition-toggle">
 <img class="uk-transition-scale-up uk-transition-opaque" src="../media/images/<?php echo $art['img'].'.jpg' ?>" alt="<?php echo $art['title']; ?>">
 <div class="uk-position-medium uk-position-cover uk-overlay uk-flex uk-flex-center uk-flex-middle uk-light">
 <span uk-icon="icon: play-circle; ratio: 3.5"></span>
 <div class="uk-light uk-position-bottom-left">
 <span class="uk-icon uk-icon-image uk-light" style="background-image: url(../media/views.png)"></span>
 <span class="uk-text-large"><?php echo $art['view']; ?></span>
June 17th 19 at 11:03

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