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To change the color of the transparent background in the system?

Worked with photoshop, there in the settings you can specify the colors of the squares (grid) for a transparent background. In fireworks, this is not found. They say it is necessary in the system to configure. Where?
Tyra_Lang asked October 10th 19 at 07:58

What graphics editors support a hierarchy of graphical symbols, similar to Adobe Firewoks?

Tell me which of graphics editors Adobe Fireworks is similar in purpose and functionality. Requirements: "Honest" multi-level modularity of the graphics. Work with graphics, object-level symbols. Unlimited (or large) nested graphic objects (except for recursion). The creation of object libraries, at least the level of the d...
emmitt_Kohl asked September 27th 19 at 17:03

Where to download FireWorks 8?

the subject, I can not find(( but very, very necessary
Grant_Bechtelar asked September 9th 19 at 20:14

The tools of web design, clarify the situation?

Hello! And so, there was a small confusion. Recently I discovered a software application for a preliminary outline of the project, it's Fireworks. But what if you need Ps, Ai and others? If not difficult, a few examples of that in a particular program it is best to get to do... Thank you!
mercedes_Kessler91 asked August 8th 19 at 15:24

Do now Adobe FireWorks CS6?

And whether now 2015 Adobe PhotoShop is fully functional to replace Adobe FireWorks CS6 to create graphics for web design?
Samson_Greenholt asked August 7th 19 at 00:31

What app can make interactive web design?

Good day, tell me what app you use for making interactive design, in photoshop everything is easy and understandable drawing, but interactive problems, tried to cut the layout to pieces and make individual elements in the layout (sliders, hover effects, etc.) for a long time and it is not convenient, fireworks, as it does n...
marcelino_Roberts6 asked June 27th 19 at 19:29
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