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What can I do with my apple id?

Recently asked from me that how dangerous if zloumyshleniki owns my apple id, what is the danger?
lee_Howell asked March 31st 20 at 19:44

Can't get a notification about resetting your Apple ID password on iPad?

Can't get the push that is sent to Apple in order to retrieve your password from Apple ID
Rosella_Shanahan20 asked March 31st 20 at 14:12

To change the Apple ID the fastest way?

Hi! Friends there is a problem with the Apple ID you want to change the account Previously with tech support, no problems - communicated via live chat and a call came from the Czech Republic. Now to tech support for a user of the CIS(Belarus) - no reply. How can I change the Apple ID the fastest way?
Tanner_Grady90 asked March 25th 20 at 12:51

How to find domain email?

Good afternoon. Got iphone4, and the owner forgot her apple id. Want to know the domain of his mail to the owner was able to remember a service where it was recorded. What is known. @u ..... .net Live in Ukraine, but Ukrainian domains Zana only Perhaps there are other domains which I don't know.
madisen36 asked March 21st 20 at 12:17

How to install an app from the AppStore of another country without changing the Apple ID?

Hi all. In General, the problem is this - I want to install the app from the AppStore of another country without registering a new Apple ID, but when you change the country needs, or phone number of the country, or the card number (which is natural). Maybe someone knows how to do it, to avoid questions about payment?
terrance.Schaden asked March 16th 20 at 00:20

Apple ID and Developer Account: to combine or not?

Good day to all, Decided to create a Apple Developer account, and somewhere there that do not recommend to do it the same as the Apple ID (which is already there of course). Can't find the link where I read of it, therefore the questions: Whether it is better to post the DeveloperID and AppleID (which is great app for shop...
Rusty.Runolfsson asked October 9th 19 at 18:33

To decouple the MacBook from AppleID?

BU bought a macbook pro. Before Macs do not have Affairs. Tinkered with python, wanted to reinstall setuptools, but I screwed up. Decided I needed to restore the system disk (system Mountain Lion). The installer asked me Apple ID, which was bought laptop. Estesstvenno, I don't know. Tried to enter, but the installer gave a...
max97 asked October 3rd 19 at 13:00

Can I register an Apple ID for the organization?

Now engaged in the registration of Apple's iOS Developer Program for a company that currently employs. At the beginning of the registration process before selecting its type (Individual or Company) is required to determine the account Apple ID.Apple ID is an individual user ID, because when registering you must enter your p...
murray_Jones asked October 3rd 19 at 09:48

To unbind a serial number on iphone

Good day! Recently bought iphone 5 from a friend and successfully untied it from the itunes companion - quietly tied to your id in itunes, but trying to tie it on to your apple id are faced with the problem that the serial number is not bind - writes, is already linked to another by going t...
taya_Kli asked October 3rd 19 at 00:59

Forgot Apple ID password remember. What to do?

A big problem, forgot apple id, and icouds all contacts. Remember the password. About remember that that mail = but it doesn't exist. At check in the AppStore pointed back password email, to which you have access. What would you recommend to do?
jamie_Gra asked October 1st 19 at 02:51