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Video acceleration without increasing the size?

This: iMac, iMovie, screen recording (10 hours (4GB))Task: to speed up the video 4 times without loss of quality, so it is not weighed 100GBNote: iMovie use does not matter. if this problem can be solved in another program - tell me what
mikayla asked March 16th 20 at 00:06

How to start a video blogger?

Comrades, please suggest how to start a video blogger to the result in terms of the quality of the video turned out halfway decent: 1) something to read (books, websites) about: a) Shooting b) the Production of light, C) the Installation, etc.? 2) What software to use? I took two videos at your leisure with the review of t...
eudora84 asked October 3rd 19 at 18:40

Someone tell me a plugin to create a video of the parallax effect?

Interested in parallax effect the rolling of the poster in the Apple TV interface. Know that everything is possible to do manually in the video editor, I'm not particularly versed in them, so I would like to find a ready-made plugin for any program.
Verla_Stracke asked July 30th 19 at 17:46

How to lower your voice in iMovie?

I once did, but in an emphasis do not see. Need to do just a voice on the video below.
Gladyce asked June 15th 19 at 00:11
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