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Boo. documents (account, invoice, bill of lading) format for iWork (Pages/Numbers)?

Hello! Actually a subject. Googled-googled, nothing googled. All that was done originally under the MS Office, or otherwise not functioning correctly. Before you do, decided to ask abrasheva, if somebody already implemented? Need standard accounting documents if paying by Bank transfer (account, invoice, bill of lading) f...
Braeden asked October 9th 19 at 17:40

Why iWork for MacBook free? How to install?

So: 1) I Bought a MacBook air 2013, entered your Apple ID from iPhone, all supplied free of charge. 2) Bought a new MacBook 2014, entered your Apple ID everything is OK. 3) MacBook 2013 dropped, formatted (Cmd+R at boot), it recovered through the Internet, first pumped the Mavericks, then Yosemite. Created a new Apple ID an...
Gladyce asked September 23rd 19 at 10:08

How can I rotate only one page in Documenta in landscape mode in Pages (iWork) on MacOS X?

1. How can I rotate only one page in Documenta in landscape mode in Pages (iWork) on MacOS X? 2. If you can only one page to specify a unique style to Pages? If so, how, for example, set a specific page padding, different from others. I'm using the latest version of Pages and MacOS&
ashlynn_Pag asked September 9th 19 at 13:57

How to access free packages iWork, iLife after you reset the Macbook Pro?

Hi! The Mac Pro has been reset using command+R. Version the former owner was removed. After you install the new version of macOS Sierra(updated) packages of iWork, iLife was not available. From the presentation, Apple distributes them free of charge. How to recover access to free packages? What free cloud version I can advi...
kenneth_Roberts asked August 23rd 19 at 12:06

Match Numbers to create a list of random numbers?

A question. In Numbers it is necessary to create a number of charts with lots of data, but no data, it is necessary to generate. There is an analogue function =rundbetween() but Excel for Mac Numbers?
Kameron.Gusikows asked July 5th 19 at 03:51
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