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a selection of compact cameras for home in district 10000

Hello. Faced with the problem of choosing a camera for personal use. The highly artistic images do not apply. Basically, to go on vacation abroad. Ultrazoom in principle, not necessary. You need adequate quality (in particular, under weak artificial lighting), decent itemization (no watercolor effect from noise reduction)...
felicita.Harvey asked October 10th 19 at 04:24

Advise SLR, please

There is 50t.R., want SLR. Carcass + optics separately. Only canon. Was 1000d, I grew out of it. There are portretik optics the canon 50 1.8. The flash is not necessary, just a carcass and optics. FOTA will be portrait, landscape, just the usual pictures, staging. No sports, reports, etc.
lurline_Hamill asked October 9th 19 at 22:02

Phocomelia with a GPS tracker

Advise, pliz, any camera up to 200.e (if any) c the GPS chip, so the pictures were bound the coordinates of the place where it is made.
mohamed.Lowe asked October 9th 19 at 19:40

Overseas online shop where you can buy a dslr camera?

Interested in the stores that you have had personal, successful experience buying camera. Sites such as Alibaba are not interested. PS: it is Desirable that the price including shipping was lower than our online stores.
Florencio asked October 8th 19 at 05:52

Soap dish with GPS?

Hello, friends. Needed to choose a camera with GPS module for use in the copter. Advise on requirements a bit: — Better quality images — One must have the ability to connect remote control (wired or infrared) — Fast speed (the interval between shots of 1 to 3 seconds) — Weight up to 2 kilograms (maximum: below this the ...
harmon.Schultz97 asked October 8th 19 at 02:11

Trade-in buying a camera in Ukraine

One day I saw online the store's website in Ukraine, who offered to surrender their old DSLR and buy a new camera with an additional charge. Now I can not find this site two days trying to find it, can someone tell me? //the question, of course, not on site, but Habr — last hope
Santa_Marvin66 asked October 8th 19 at 00:39

Very awkward to shoot video on DSLR?

Task: to shoot beautiful high-motion video, often in poor conditions. I stand before a choice: to take Canon EOS 7D, Sony SLT-A57, or a more full-fledged camcorder Sony NEX-VG20. Full camcorder is not needed often, where you want complete 7D(7D consider it because of the further operation as reportage camera), and certainly...
asia_Jaskolski asked October 7th 19 at 21:27

Make manual lens with autofocus, really?

Did someone with a description of the solution of a similar problem? Anyone have any thoughts?
Florencio asked October 7th 19 at 19:16

The choice between Nikon D3200 vs D90-which to choose?

Good morning community. Long wanted to start up photography and now that moment has come. But as held a DSLR just a couple or three times, about understand how to work with it. As for the choice here, I ran into a wall. After gugleniya and watching a heap of different reviews picked 2 models from Nikon it 1. NIKON D3200 ...
Annabelle.Moore asked October 3rd 19 at 14:51

Choosing DSLR for video recording "home archive"?

Friends, it's been 5 years I faithfully serves Canon 400d. Travel a lot and make a lot of photos, but wanted to in the family archives there is a video. Photographic equipment was not interested for a long time and do not know how is the situation now with shooting video. I know that a couple of years ago Sony there is some...
alessandra.Bartoletti asked October 3rd 19 at 10:59