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Free analog Ideco ICS

Have: — ADSL Internet — 10 users The challenge is to make the Internet gateway with the option of cutting back on all the different social networks for a certain group of users, displaying statistics regarding use of the Internet. Unfortunately purchased Ideco is not possible, respectively pozyskiwania free counterpart...
Gerhard.Bednar49 asked October 8th 19 at 06:56

Significant Load Average on the router?

Good time of day. In our small company routing does ClearOS, installed in the Xen-slot. Memory we allocated 512 MB. Once a week there is 1-2 things that do not last more than a minute, when Load Average reaches 20.0 — 56.0, the average Load Average over the day is almost always zero. I would like to know, is this normal, an...
heber_Herman asked October 8th 19 at 06:15

How to conduct insulation dual lan on linux from each other?

There are two network cards in the clearos linux distribution on each of your network interface, both lan. Out of the box clearos mersrutiyet between all lan interfaces, and I need to do, isolated from other lan. How? Not necessarily by means of clearos, I'll go and console commands.
Larue_Boyer asked October 2nd 19 at 15:02

How to run bash script on software router using one of two available channels on the Internet?

There is a router installed ClearOS (read CentOS). The car handles routing 3 channels of Internet access. But on the router it is necessary from time to time to synchronize remote server to pump data to the router. Tell me how to run bash script via, say, the 3rd channel available on the router?
destinee.Kshlerin56 asked September 30th 19 at 19:07

Proxy server c DNS and DHCP + Domain on Windows 2008R2 — how to make it work?

Good afternoon. I will formulate. At the moment there is a proxy server on ClearOS which is distributed via DNS and DHCP on mesh office + normal RDP server 1C. Appeared thought his superiors to make a domain. Installed Win2008R2 installed the AD role and DNS. From the local network the server is visible, but to enter into t...
Vivian_Hickle59 asked September 27th 19 at 00:44
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