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Speed limit on the performance of certain external requests?

Hello! Let's say there is a multiplayer engine, some parts of which may have something to parse from the outside by the user. I would like to limit the speed of certain external requests for some users. UPD: Interested in using any server side technologies that can be implemented — possibly through nginx or apache or UNIX ...
deondre_Borer asked October 14th 19 at 12:32

Whether the pictures on the website give with subdomains?

Hi! A beginner question. Is there a website with a portfolio photographers at Hetzner leased server under CentOS and Apache. On some pages of this site the amount of images (both thumbnails and large images) can reach four to five dozen pieces. Is it possible to speed up the loading of images to users with a wide channel, ...
Kiera13 asked October 10th 19 at 12:52

Squeeze all the juice out of the VPN on the Linksys WRT54GL?

Hi all. Recently caught myself thinking that after connecting to the Internet via the aforementioned router for the L2TP download speed is not higher than 10 Mbit/sec from 25Мбит/h possible. If you connect the computer without the router — all is well, and speed available (25Мбит/sec). The router is Linksys WRT54GL with nat...
herman.Bogan84 asked October 10th 19 at 10:31

To separate content object and the data by its location in the hierarchy?

It sounds probably not clear so I will explain: Suppose we have a tree of comments (Nested Sets or something, in principle, not important). Whether to make a field not related directly to comments (lft, rgt, parent_id, etc.) in a separate database table? On the one hand, we get rid of the binding to a specific structure of...

Which way is better to dig in terms of writing articles?

Should I write articles on scripts for commercials and promotions, layout, Python, various aspects of the work with the system Webmoney review automotive software stuffing (and the like — change odometer, problems, firmware Navigator, etc.)? All at once time is not enough, so please help to determine the topics that will be...
gwen_Hammes86 asked October 10th 19 at 09:42

Where to write a bug report for Habra?

The idea is that on the page (On the website "Habrahabr") should be referenced. She even is, but points to a non-existent blog (here's another bug). Is there, however, mail and phone Habra, but if you have an account on the website to email me or call as do not wan...
Anne_Gutkowski asked October 10th 19 at 07:01

Monitoring the speed of loading the site from different parts of the world?

Habr! I am in search of a web service for monitoring the loading speed of the website (not just the response time of the server), ideally it seems to me analog that schedule determines the download time of all page elements of the website from several points in Russia/CIS/world. Does anyone have a ready-made...
Thomas_Pollich asked October 10th 19 at 06:53

Shape optimization of the issuance of the news, hurt or help the site?

Now about 300 news articles collected over several years of operation of the site. News are displayed as Want to do in mind: Technically I know how to do it, the question is not. I would like to know this: 1) do Not damage the site this reshuffle from the...
tracey_Klocko21 asked October 10th 19 at 03:24

How to restore grub 1.99?

Don't know how, but the laptop was killed GRUB v.1.99. The following error message:GRUB loading.<br> error: no such device: ca24e38d-4441-4a89-b31d-01b14bbc8ef3.<br> Entering rescue mode... ...and therefore falls into the Rescue. The ls command shows the system partition (hd0). The command ls (hd0) error: unknow...
Raoul_Ernser78 asked October 10th 19 at 01:42

Slow screw on the laptop

Have a Lenovo Y550 laptop under WinXP SP3. Stood a hard drive of 250Gb NATO. Everything is fine. Bought a new 750GB hard on, put the screw — noticeable noticeable brakes. Okrovenny hang for a few seconds, and in General, you will notice that many of the operations are slower. Indicator treatment in hard blinks like crazy. ...