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Does it make sense to extend a cms in php for a fee?

Hello. Built a cms to quickly create any website. And there was a desire to spread the system's cost. But I don't know if there will be someone to buy. My cms is based on modules and templates. Automatic all data from the database are picked up and can be to take a template. Use the Twig templating engine to do so, and (To ...
benny_Ondricka asked April 2nd 20 at 17:43

The creation of an information portal. Advice?

Sorry, don't know which tag to choose for my question. There is a need to create a local site with frequently asked questions: how, where, why pushing in ON how to do this/that. Something tipo mini instructions. Not question2answer! How to correctly write what I offer to create such a site? Type:"Create a local (portal site...
Winifred55 asked April 2nd 20 at 17:27

To get the Elementor elements of the plugin from the theme?

Hello. Please tell me how to get the widgets plugin Elementor from the theme? I installed the theme when it's activated in elementary there are certain elements that I need. But they need me on another topic. As soon as I activate another template, these elements disappear. How to find them and move in elementor to work wit...
laney.Koch asked April 2nd 20 at 17:21

Is it possible to add in the Shopify CMS, custom contact form for sending HTML emails?

I have an online shop on Shopify CMS. I want to implement the possibility of sending goods in the HTML letter to your friend/girlfriend/relative. I learned that you can create your form using the source code from the file "contact.form.liquid". The functionality of the CMS is not very open. I think now my form need to tie u...
Albin.Conn16 asked April 2nd 20 at 17:16

What engine to choose for the online store?

Welcome! There are situation, it is necessary to make it. What engine to choose, we suggest Insales. It may be worth to consider options with PrestaShop, Opencart or Bukomero? The product is very specific and is designed for a narrow audience. About 200 positions. It is waiting for recommendations from people who have used...
Ericka.Decko asked April 2nd 20 at 16:51

Is there a CMS for freelancers?

Good day! Is there any paid or free CMS that will meet approximately the following tasks: To invite someone to register on the site, which will give the Manager Fill there is all information about yourself To put his task, he will be able to make and upload a photo, link, etc. After verifying the Manager and confirm the amo...
leila_Gleason asked April 2nd 20 at 16:44

As for cs-cart to make the filter carousel?

Who worked with this cms, tell me - I need to take one of the filters (feature) to make it into a carousel containing images (choices) on this website (for example the unit "the origin of the brand")... I do Not understand how it is implemented, to offer to make the html block, you do not need to work in accordance with the...
lorenzo.Kautzer asked April 2nd 20 at 16:43

Load description on samopisnom engine?

Guys hi! on samopisnom engine in the file responsible for the header, a title loaded thus <title>{$title}</title> and on the page where you want to display so {include file="include/header.tpl" title="a title"} here everything is simple and clear. How to do the same with the description, it's not a tag, and this...
Nicole.Gibson asked April 2nd 20 at 16:22

What engine to choose for a corporate website with a choice of cities?

Hi all, please advise, before worked only with sites under one domain(one content for all regions), so the floating in question. Suppose there is a website of materials, the content will vary depending on the city(only subdomains\cities about 30). What engine is better to make such a product? No one design, to impose and p...
Trenton.Metz asked April 2nd 20 at 16:19

Who knows a good reader module in Drupal?

Tell me a good module reader of books(pdf) on Drupal? Thank you.
rollin.Rath asked April 2nd 20 at 16:17