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How to choose a PCI-E cable for the modular Corsair CX450M?

Need a cable to connect the graphics card. Relatives were lost as were not used. I read that each unit has its own Pinout for the power supply and not every cable will fit. Is there somewhere information about that? Or maybe someone knows what is the Pinout for this PSU? Or how to check it?
eulah.Schuppe28 asked April 8th 20 at 10:30

How to solve the problem with the voltage on the 12v line from the PSU?

The problem is this: the last time the computer increasingly began to restart under load, without any reason sometimes does not turn on. In Speecy checked the voltage of power supply line 12v = 8.6 v. Actually bought a more powerful PSU(corsair cx 600w), the situation remained the same, in speecy shows the same abnormally l...
ronny.Ledn asked September 26th 19 at 16:48

Does lenovo ideacentre replace the RAM?

Good day! There is a monoblock ideacentre 200-01ibw(link model page) By default, it has one dice on 4GB that was not enough. In honor of the new year I bought 1 box to 8GB When I changed the memory the computer has stopped running even before the BIOS, and just beeps. The feeling is 3 long beeps and 1 long. When replacing t...
nicolette21 asked June 30th 19 at 18:29
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