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How to share heavy files between the server (node) and client?

Are there any file (from pictures to video files or heavy), how are we to convey? To convey a hypothetical in one HTTP request we can, but as I understand it, in the event of connection loss or failure, we first have to do it. Also we can't seem the upload status of the file. The bottom line is that we like to continue dow...
Davon asked March 24th 20 at 11:44

Is it normal for the drop in WiFi speed in 5GHz band at 100Mbit/s through the wall thickness of only one brick?

Installed in a laptop Lenovo Z70-80 new WiFi module QCNFA34AC to operate in the 5GHz range. The module was purchased on Ali specifically chose one that allowed in the white list in the BIOS of this laptop according to the Hardware maintenance manual on it. New WiFi adapter earned, installed it the latest drivers from Lenovo...
gerson asked March 24th 20 at 10:22

How to pass plain text between a) a laptop b) laptop and phone?

How to pass plain text between a) a laptop b) laptop and phone? Easily and quickly.It is the text, not the text in the document. Laptops on different OS. Physically the laptop or phone nearby. Preferably without external services such as google docs
Christelle asked March 24th 20 at 09:54

How to understand what is the command in hex?

Trying to figure out what is sent to the socket connection sock = socks.socksocket() sock.send("\x12\x00/\x0c122.19.155.85\x03\xe3\x02\x0b\x00\t") #mc sock.send("\x13\x00\x05\r98.42.42.98 c\xdd\x01\x01\x00") #ping This is what a random team or not? Where about it to read or how to Google? The headers of TCP, IP does not fit...
Alverta_Jerde asked March 21st 20 at 12:07

Need to transfer 100GB. data from one computer to another, how to do it better?

Compuer are on a local network.
Elijah94 asked March 21st 20 at 11:45

How to upload files on Macbook with 100GB DS1819+?

The crux of the matter is this. There is a 100GB video files, how to set download speed on the DS. The Internet speed is good, but the fact that the upload and download speed is not high.
ashton.Fisher19 asked March 19th 20 at 09:55

How to read the counters from different manufacturers?

There is a controller that will read the data from the meters. Is it possible to make it universal for different brands of meters. Or under each of your controller with his need?
Harmon.Hodkiewicz asked March 19th 20 at 09:53

How to upload a file >100GB client-server?

Periodically required to obtain from their colleagues a large file(>100GB) for further processing. 1) Need the resume file when connection is broken 2) Open-source software. 3) High loading speed. On the server, you can deploy anything, tend to Freebsd. P. S: there is a white external IP. Speed is 100 Mbps but over time ...
Alison_Marquardt asked March 17th 20 at 10:28

Adapter HDMI -> LAN -> HDMI — how well was able to convey the image?

Want to let the wire from the computer in one room to a TV in another. Tasks: view Full HD video, and computer games. Preferably 60 fps stably transmitted. Options: 1) or to drill a hole between the rooms and to pass hdmi 2-3 meters, 2) or you can use sabzhevoy adapter, and gently lay 10-15 meters along the walls and door...
genoveva.Terry asked March 16th 20 at 21:34

How to quickly transfer 100 GB between the two PC's in different countries?

It is necessary at the maximum possible speed to transfer more than 100GB of information from the server (Debian) on the client (MacBook) I tried using the torrent but, the server created the distribution, the client started to swing, both channel 100MB/s.The download goes at a speed of about 600kb/s - 1.7 MB/s Measurement ...
ian_Carro asked March 16th 20 at 12:25