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Advise three-dimensional engine to work with augmented reality

Work with augmented reality. Now uses the Ogre3D engine, but the exporters for him to not pull complex models from 3Dmax, this issue brings a lot of problems. Just want more realism and details. Ease of programming is welcome;) Interested in both free and paid engines. Advise, please, any engines that solve the above menti...
robert_Buckrid asked October 14th 19 at 12:27

Server for Flash games?

I write as a hobby flash game on PushButton Engine, write multiplayer shooter at the moment, going to write the server part. But I have a lot of questions on implementation, on what language it most convenient to write? How to deal with logic games? To generate part of the logic to the client and give the server or generat...
Abby.Ja asked October 10th 19 at 15:26

The ability to play PS3 vs PC?

've been playing for a couple of years in games purchased through Steam. Friend plays on the PS3. Task: to Fight in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 together. Is it possible to play on same server with different platforms?
Bell.Bor asked October 10th 19 at 14:36

Popular engine for 3D games?

Good day, habrovany. Recently, more and more I see in the network of clones of the game Lineage 2 (maybe not quite clones, but the gameplay is very close). How could they be stamped in such numbers? There are some ready-made engine that allows you to do this? Or all these "different" games from one and the same company? Is ...
Lilliana_Ankundi asked October 10th 19 at 14:32

OpenGL — the object color is different on Win & Lin

There is a scene where two objects are drawn with textures. Before drawing the second object I give the command glColor4f(r, g, b, a); For development I use two different machines — one Ubuntu on a second Windows7. In this case, the Windows command color change affects only the second object (as intended), Linux repaints bo...
kirk.Herzog asked October 10th 19 at 13:51

Do I need to duplicate the calculation on the client and the server?

Make the game, now computing, for example, started a new level, or walked if the quest is done on both the client and the server. Of course, it's tempting to blame it on the client, but then: 1 — ochen easy to hack the game, 2 — the data may be incorrectly processed (as rasprashivaete), 3 — a lot of small problems with sync...
samir_Lehner asked October 10th 19 at 13:36

The perfect server for multiplayer games on social networks. ( PHP / MySQL )

Decided to create an openSource server (Back-end part) for multiplayer games on social networks. I would like to hear from the public what features You would like to see in this project. Links to similar projects will be very useful. Development will be in PHP / MySQL is the only solid statement about this project.
Theodora.Wiso asked October 10th 19 at 12:45

Library, prepared a C++ class to render text using OpenGL

Maybe someone met on the Internet a ready-made solution to render text in OpenGL? Write on With++ screensaver under Gnome, you need to display text.
justina84 asked October 10th 19 at 11:00

Gui library?

Hello, I am writing a game in OpenGL (or Rather, the editor for levels). As a wrapper chose the ClanLib library. It has a built-in GUI, but it is quite the curve, a little functional. Looking for a library (preferably free). Welcome editor interface. I wanted to choose for this case Qt, but the editor exists in the form of ...

Books on OpenGL?

've been looking for a detailed book on OpenGL, but still can not find, maybe somebody will advise, maybe WebGL(about MDN, I know), or preferably OpenGL code snippets in OCaml. Tried to understand the NeHe lessons, but did not understand.
Kaitlin1 asked October 10th 19 at 08:03