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What do the parameters set1 and set2 on

It is something like if one IP is available, then the second is activated? On the site it is written not clear, like for scripts and programs to update DNS.
Ernestine.Koss92 asked March 29th 20 at 20:23

Ddns noip dlinkdns?

Now is working and whether it is possible to use a free server online games? I have gray IPS, router dlink
elmer.McClure32 asked March 24th 20 at 10:34

A couple of questions about DynDNS

1. How to make client from DynDNS to inform the server about an ip change? But it turns out that address has changed, and that DynDNS found out about it, it is necessary to click in the client Refresh IP, which is inconvenient since there is no automation. Customer use, because the modem support DynDNS, no. 2. Whatever dns...
waylon.Turcotte asked October 14th 19 at 11:06

Connecting to remote desktop

Good evening! You have a server with Windows Server 2008 on Board, it is in a local network and has no external ip. Can I externally connect to a remote desktop without setting a permanent static ip? I guess I will help dynamic dns? However, I will connect only to the router which distributes the Internet in the organizati...
Keaton.Stant asked October 10th 19 at 10:16

Payment DynDNS Pro

Been a longtime user of DynDNS Free. Some time was lacking limit hosts. Decided to upgrade to Pro. Payment is accepted only by card or vouchers. For the second day trying to pay with three different cards of PrivatBank (Ukraine). Not going to paint all three cards will tell about the one that says DynDNS. Thus in privatban...
Bell.Bor asked October 9th 19 at 22:45

How to use DynDNS from Yandex?

Whether from boredom or greed decided not to pay for DynDNS. Of the free services hope seemed only DNS from Yandex. Here is a description of the desired API: DynDNS update. But for some reason it is not working. Send this GET request:ht_ps://
mathilde_V asked October 7th 19 at 20:47

How to set the DNS site record via DDNS?

I have a dynamic IP. Provider (Intersvyaz) provides the constant name of the type Have a domain delegated to yandex. How to prescribe correctly to this domain were bound to ? In NS records does not make anything but IP.
Mabel asked September 23rd 19 at 15:39

Is there a simple client for rfc2136 ddns updates for?

The bind server with support for rfc2136 raised, it works, but sometimes you need to update the host name for any one machine on XP, behind a simple router. Any servers at the remote point no, the router only supports any DynDNS or No-ip at best. Need a simple Windows client that would automatically updated the host Protoco...
Juwan68 asked September 23rd 19 at 10:57

How to bind a domain to a dynamic IP?

Subject. How to bind a domain to a dynamic IP?
jane_Bartoletti95 asked September 16th 19 at 19:40

Access to the server from the outside, whether via 3G modem?

Hi all! There is a server on Ubuntu, which is stuck in 3G modem. The Internet it gets from the modem and distributes through internal slavushka in the LAN (masquerade). Works all OK. Appeared the need to access the server from outside. And then I encountered a problem. 1) I have registered on dyndns service freedns.afraid...
giovanny_Rath asked July 8th 19 at 10:00