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A list of resources to remember With#?

Good day, ladies and gentlemen, going through the bibliographies for the study of Sharpe, but not found due to scarce knowledge and specifics of the books and resources. please help to make a plan at the beginning of "understanding". thank you.
Kristopher asked March 31st 20 at 14:00

Exercises for development of attention, memory and thinking. Someone is using these?

Prompt books, collections of exercises for the development of thinking, memory and attention in adults.
Gabriel_Steub asked March 30th 20 at 00:59

As you were learning python?

For me the Python programming language first, and based on this question. I read the book of Mark Lutz's "A byte of python" and during the reading and at the end of the book was a couple of jobs, for example here is one: ""Create own program "Address book" working from the command line and allows you to view, add, edit, del...
Wanda_Hagenes asked March 29th 20 at 20:55

Tablet or e-book?

There is a question about selecting a suitable device for reading technical literature, and art. More and more we have to read, and time in day does not increase all =( So you have to read everywhere: at home, at work, during lunch, transport. Phone - too small. The laptop is too big. Electronic books based on E-ink is cool...
Randall asked March 29th 20 at 20:06

Is it worth to buy ipad 2 reading pdf textbooks?

Good afternoon. Should I take ipad 2 for pdf reading textbooks in 2019? How he could do such a task?
Stefan.Denes asked March 27th 20 at 13:10

What to write and mark up my first e-book?

What software to write and mark up my first e-book on windows 10? Is it possible to add dynamic gifs in ready for sale for Litres e-book?
abbey asked March 27th 20 at 11:56

Is there anyone yuzal Ipad 2018 c diagonal 9'7" Pad and Mi 4 Plus 10 which one is the best for reading books'?

Which of these two devices is the most appropriate and convenient device for reading PDF/DJVU files? The price difference is not significant, all are talking about eye health. On Mi Pad 4 plus the aspect ratio is 16:10 judging by some comments from the black stripes on the edges when reading that provides an inconvenience a...
alejandrin.Russel asked March 25th 20 at 13:09

Using what you read in books?

The people, through which gadgets, devices you read books? And should I take a tablet a La Mi Pad 4 plus if you have a larger diagonal please advise. The thing is, I fb2 read through Onyx book amundsen, BUT, there is one problem while reading books in pdf format, I want to take something to make it more convenient to study ...
brice.Schmi asked March 25th 20 at 12:55

Is there a difference in editions, "Learn JavaScript programming" by E. Freeman 2015 and 2018?

Wanted to read the book of Freeman's JS. In the printed version is expensive. Electronic version only 2015 found. 1)is There a difference in editions, "Learn JavaScript programming" by E. Freeman 2015 and 2018? 2)In publications use ES5 or 6? 3)does anyone have an electronic version 2018? If Yes, give a reference)
demario.Cassin58 asked March 24th 20 at 15:02

Book search (Craig DJ. Introduction to robotics: mechanics and control)?

Can't find the book "D. J. Craig. Introduction to robotics: mechanics and control", in stores it is not present available, search on Google also returned no results. Willing to buy any version, paper or electronic doesn't matter.
Cleo_Runolfsdottir asked March 24th 20 at 12:43