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How to navigate in sublime text 3?

Please tell me how to navigate in Sublime Text 3 sidebar and back? in visual studio code Ctrl+Shift + E, and so here it turns out( I googled, there are Ctrl + O , but it's opening the window!!!
garry.Haley85 asked March 14th 20 at 15:58

What you can do online code editor with a check(similar as htmlacademy)?

Interested in what languages this is implemented and what is the approximate cost of such a miracle)
Bernard asked March 13th 20 at 13:51

Free editor PHP, CSS etc what?

In Addition To Notepad++. Who's using what, just th fed up with Notepad Want to know who's using whatSublime 3, it is free?
dominic asked March 12th 20 at 16:54

Is there a php editor with ftp Manager for mac?

Tell me a convenient text editor with php highlighting with the integrated ftp Manager
gillian56 asked March 12th 20 at 13:39

Free and easy environment for learning Common LISP under Windows?

Wanted a simple environment for use in the University. Requirements are as follows: — Ease of use No emacs's! =) Also don't need super-fancy IDE. Ideally, code editor with syntax highlighting and some more nice features (what's important to Lisp?) + run the interpreter from the code editor flick of the wrist by pressing the...
raleigh_Kemm asked October 14th 19 at 12:14

Is there a way to disable the display of some columns in phpmyedit?

Good day! A question for those who worked with phpmyedit. Working with phpmyedit and yet did not understand — is there a way to disable the display of certain columns? To appear in the list only a few. Thanks in advance.
Keaton.Stant asked October 14th 19 at 10:34

Editor Objective C under Windows?

Which will advise a good editor Objective C under Windows? Now I use Notepad++, but I would like something with at least auto-complete, and as a maximum — opening XCode projects, documentation for Objective C (at least online, by pressing F1 on the word, a La visual Studio) and a class diagram.
reina_Nitzsche65 asked October 10th 19 at 12:21

Code editor for mac

Do not prompt respected community subject with tabs, syntax highlighting and the ability to work with cyberduck, not overloaded with extra functions, and preferably free? Used Textmate, but for remote documents do not work tabs, and cp-1251 are sometimes frustrating. Texwrangler crooked.
kelsie_Koepp asked October 10th 19 at 06:18

Lechki PHP editor with formatting and highlighting?

Good day, using NetBeans, it is quite heavy and not suitable for fast editing\viewing single files... Looking for a simple editor, grainy criterion, syntax highlighting and autoformatting of code... from Notepad++ not found autoformation, and highlighting why it is only in manual, exposed, the machine does not catch... coul...
Stacy_Schust asked October 10th 19 at 02:59

Editor's choice php/python/js for ipad?

Carefully googling, I found two options: Markup and Gusto. Actually both cost money and so a question to those who yuzal: which is better? For both applications buy as you do not want. Well, or maybe there are some other options? PS the Reviews I read, mixed feelings remain
woodrow_Hintz asked October 9th 19 at 23:07