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Cable 2 esata compatible with esata 3?

I bought a cable esata2, is marvell raid pci-e sata3 controller. Oh no, why he does not see hard drives connected to esata. Wire bought esata2, because it was cheaper - I thought that as sata2/3 wires, all will to work. Duck's compatible esata2 and esata3 ? Or maybe the problem is elsewhere(driver, which is doubtful) Senks
Monte.Casper asked March 19th 20 at 20:37

Ubuntu on an external hard drive

I want to install Ubuntu on an external hard drive. But can't decide which drive to buy: tormented ordinary usb or eSATA (on my Mat. boards. I do not have it)?
Verona.Rutherford32 asked October 14th 19 at 11:20

Bootmrg is missing and a strange connection to eSata

Pretty strange things happen. I decided to install on new hardware windows 7, the first strangeness arose when selecting a hard disk where to install — if the eSata controller enabled in the BIOS, then when you try to install the system on ANY hard drive (eSata I'm certainly not going to install) will say error 0x80300024. ...
wallace_Larso asked October 10th 19 at 03:42

Which driver external ESATA — RAID is correct?

Hello! I'm in the home hypervisor is used CFI B8283JDGG , in all sorts of ixbt tests he passed fairly smart budget decision. Well,made it the fifth RAID, first I rubbed it to VMWare eSXI, and was amazed by the low performance. kernel latency for up to three seconds at times, no more than 50 iops. He began to understand what...
colleen.Man asked August 19th 19 at 18:25
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