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How to detach the external drive from the system so that it was legitimate?

It is clear that you can just pull out, but it's rude. The external drive was used just for copying and storing files. Any process that clearly had open files on the disk can not be (in theory). However, when you try to remove the drive I get this:A screenshot of the error Searching for related descriptors, through the reso...
adriana_Wehner asked April 3rd 20 at 18:59

Is there a handy program that keeps track of the address to the flash drives and external drives and notify?

Ideally, the program should be adjusted to some metric. For example, if the number of files per second or the number of the read information exceeds some threshold, then show a notification.
Howell99 asked April 3rd 20 at 18:53

That reliable external USB 2.5 or 3.5 internal SATA hard drive?

Out of order the screw from home archives. Work, projects, photos, videos, documents, etc All gone. The screw lies, will give a workshop. Found on the shelf the other b.from. screw, thought about a temporary use. Loaded there 2-3 projects monthly. All the other Winchester had broken sector, I don't know what I was thinking...

Brakes if OS from external hdd?

Hello. Going to buy a macbook, but the memory was not cheap, respectively, need external storage. Plan to put windows. And of course, sometimes you want to play. Actually a question: whether much will differ fps in some games, if hdd or do you have to spend on the ssd? P. S. I understand that the macbook is not for games, I...
Arnoldo_Erdman asked April 1st 20 at 15:41

What external MICS would you recommend for lenovo laptop g570?

Here is how I loaded the system Don't want to pay for SSD more than 2 rubles, but advise all that consider it necessary. If I can do this on linux solus to flip the system on SSD, but some programs write to the hard disk, in General, how difficult to rearrange the system from 1 disk to another? Is it possible on Linux progr...
Tanner_Daugher asked March 31st 20 at 14:58

How to merge partitions on the hard drive in Disk Utility?

Hi all. About a year ago smashed on railway sections according to need. Now we need to merge them back. The unused partition is erased, the file system chose the same (FAT32), but the delete button or edit size is not active. What could be the problem? On the second partition of the data can not be washed.
set asked March 24th 20 at 14:36

Formatted external hard drive in FAT format but windows does not see it?

Formatted external hard drive in FAT format. On the Mac it lags a lot. But when connected to the computer is not displayed in "this PC". How is this rule?
ernest_Padberg asked March 18th 20 at 21:44

What to buy: vneshni hdd or external ssd?

My external hdd mypassport ultra 2 TB ordered to live long. The price of external drives in Russia is high. In General, it is possible to take for $ 100 or 4TB seagate / wd external (normal hard) or 1 TB SSD drive. On the second, of course, speed. But how reliable it is relatively simple hdd? For example, 1TB SanDisk Ultra....
allan.Stehr asked March 18th 20 at 21:35

Why external hard disk cannot be read from a usb 3.0 port, but is read with usb hub for usb 2.0?

Why external hard disk cannot be read from a usb 3.0 port, but is read with usb hub for usb 2.0? Is external hard drive 2tb WD Elements 10B8. A few years had no problems with the connection. Nedvano had fallen off the disk. Now, if you connect to usb 3.0 to the laptop, the drive works but the computer does not see it. Neith...
loma.Sauer asked March 17th 20 at 09:18

Whether or encrypt partitions on external hard drive using BitLocker?

I have a external hard drive Samsung 1TB in size, powered by USB 3.0. I use it for a variety of tasks, from storing media files, to store various software. At the moment I am very interested in the question, "is it possible to allocate a separate partition in my external HDD and encrypt it with BitLocker?". This section is,...
Patsy.Reing asked March 16th 20 at 00:17