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Script the exchange of digital goods. Do you have somebody a sample script? Even if on a primitive level?

Good afternoon/evening everyone! Guys, I need a simple script the exchange of digital things on the type of game for the game, a digital book for Who have, or who may simply sample script to show? Please help generate a sample script. Example site: there is one website where players DotA shared their belongi...
lurline_Stokes asked April 4th 20 at 12:48

Where customers can throw a photo in good quality?

Hi! Give advice. Customers should send me pictures. 1 client - 4 photos. The quality of the photo and the overall size is the main indicator. Mail long in the action plan. We need to throw the link - people uploaded photos all. What are your thoughts? Would site is not an issue as without it (
Linda.Cummin asked April 1st 20 at 17:13

Which server to choose to connect several school less than 50 PC in a domain network?

Which server to choose to connect several school less than 50 PC in a domain network? The exchange of documents. Joint management documents. Presentation. Mail. Access control. File sharing. Access from anywhere in the world
Joanie47 asked March 17th 20 at 13:26

Is there any file sharing services with data encryption?

Good day! There was a need to transmit data securely over the Internet. Are there such web services? What should be the process: Select the files to download, fill in and comments to uploaded files. After you download the files to the server, they are Packed in archive are encrypted and made available for download the link ...
edison.Hand40 asked March 13th 20 at 15:43

Automation jump files from Yandex.disk

Hello! It took me 59 to download files with To download one is long and boring. Do not invented by some automate process of downloading? May be there is software like download master, which makes automatic downloading? Could you tell me or point to where to look. With respect, Michael.
owen.Miller13 asked October 14th 19 at 12:31

Configure nginx for return of popular files from SSD

Friends, are scratching their heads over some non-trivial problem. The point: there is file sharing. Storage servers are equipped with SSD disks. There is a plan to put on the SSD frequently accessed files and give them to them. Counting the popularity of the file, copying and deletion are no longer popular (the size of the...
alexanne.Lynch8 asked October 10th 19 at 10:59

File sharing for Habra

Tell me on what file hosting service you can upload files that would be put in the article? Thanks to all the answers. I had to put the source code of the program I used To find out how to upload I have used article
Danial26 asked October 10th 19 at 09:43

File sharing API

Are there any file sharing API? That is what I would be able to process the form upload the file on your server. Googling found only
cleveland asked October 10th 19 at 06:24

Good sharing?

Need file sharing, where files are stored forever, or almost forever. You can limit the size within reasonable limits (say less than 100 megabytes).
willis_Denesik asked October 10th 19 at 06:19

online service for storing large amounts of information for a short period

Welcome! I want to reinstall the OS on the laptop, but as always in this situation, the question arises — where would the time to merge all the files you need? About 150 GB of music, videos, documents, installers, etc. Wonder whether there is an analogue of dropbox, only free and allowing you to store 150GB of data for a s...
blair_Mann asked October 10th 19 at 06:18