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How to find a plugin that replaces links in search results on the referral?

I began to notice that when Google are looking for a hotel or some kind of purchase and click on the link that triggered the Origin and uBlock blocks a referral, which I'd used in the Google results. Screen: i.e. some plugin or something else substitute the references in the results and are trying to make money, supposedly...
maymie_Price48 asked April 4th 20 at 12:23

Explain how technical terms work advertising a virus?

As I understand it,they put the extension,but again the question is,HOW? In the same chrome you cannot programmatically enable the extension.
veronica.Schimmel1 asked March 29th 20 at 20:31

As wireshark'have to say that he was watching outgoing traffic from specific prog?

Run the program in WindowsXP on VirtualBox, which is on Debian, i.e. run the Shark in Debian. How to listen to only the traffic that generates my program?
Keeley_Macejkovic15 asked March 15th 20 at 22:58

Computer Fotensics(Forensics)where to start?

What is forensics in CTF.Where to start studying forensic as such, as well as CTF.
Bertrand_Mosciski69 asked July 2nd 19 at 18:21

Books on computer forensics?

Advise less fresh books on forensic, computer forensics, it is desirable in Russian. And then only a bump on the book Fedotov everywhere.
Augustus66 asked June 10th 19 at 14:36
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