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Is it important to use your real name as a freelancer?

I have often heard from many freelancers that it is important to use your real name for work on freelancing. They say you need to create your name and work on his reputation. More questions may arise in the calculation for the work performed, in case if the client found you by alias, and payment now have to produce a very d...
tyrel asked April 19th 20 at 12:33

Upwork why my work is not in the search?

Registered as a customer. published on their profile (see feedback). and work work in finding no of responses 0..
laurel_Hermiston asked April 19th 20 at 12:28

Which banks can help with the paperwork and what it is better to apply?

Hello. In your previous questions I have already described my problems. Briefly describe here. I work remotely from Russia for the German firm GPC contract. At the moment I am a natural person and the firm puts my salary at pioneer, and the pioneer puts me money for my currency individual account in Alfa - Bank, where I hav...

Tracker for tracking plan for content publishing?

On sites published 1 article a day. It so happens that a few days are skipped, then the skipped articles are published in one day. In the head, it is difficult to keep how many days for what the project missed. I would like for example ticks after the publication of the mark, and to see the situation in a month. Maybe som...
Frederique asked April 18th 20 at 13:00

How to start working without the "background noise"?

About three years ago, in times of great stress, he began to listen to something background: a series of videos on YouTube. The habit remained, but it pretty much reduces the efficiency and attention. For about a year trying to get rid of her, but to no avail. Tried different approaches: 1. To replace music - enough for 1...
fannie asked April 16th 20 at 11:21

Is it possible to be a teenager with a freelancer?

Zdrastvuyte, I am 12 years old and already I have a little experience in CSS,HTML,PHP. Would like to know where it is possible to earn a little? (People who say "You're too young," go away)I want to Get on a private server.Thanks in advance!
bart_Johns asked April 16th 20 at 10:57

Entrepreneur/self-employed and Physical/checking account?

Freelance, while the income is small and not stable, not planning to register SP, or as self-employed. But in the future, with a stable income are going to do it. 1. Seen recommendations that it is better personal account and calculated to hold in different banks. Is there any sense now in the gray to receive and hold the ...
shana.Jaskols asked April 16th 20 at 10:51

Crypt alternative to payoneer. (I don't understand)?

A lot of people, after the ban of card payoneer wrote that the only remaining way is cryptocurrency. 1. How they transfer money in cryptocurrencies ? (I don't understand). 2. On the same payoneer available for withdrawal from the account in the crypt ? 3. Or now about payoneer completely forgot, and there is a way to wit...
Wilburn.Simonis75 asked April 16th 20 at 10:47

A lot of stupid questions about the payment of freelancing?

Make a custom video and while the income is not large, but plan to develop further in this direction and I want to know how to proceed in the future. I almost don't understand anything, I began to understand yesterday. 1. If I receive income from freelancing, to do everything legally I have 2 options 1.1 Or register IP (...
dejon_Bail asked April 16th 20 at 10:39

Can I take other people's layouts for typesetting practice?

Found some layouts on freelancing. Can I take them in my portfolio coder?
Gino.Sawayn asked April 16th 20 at 10:36