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He writes front-end developer in labor, that would not be a bench?

Actually a subject. You need to write something that would make a little liftike. Not the head, but let's say, "senior JS, CSS, xHTML". Tell me, brothers.)
Nasir.Dooley asked October 3rd 19 at 17:46

Tell Flex Front-End Security Framework?

In addition to Chimp somehow found nothing, and it sort of already outdated? It is certainly possible to write something like that, but why invent the wheel if it may already have a good solution?
Janae_Botsford88 asked October 3rd 19 at 16:10

What a performance from RoR for highload applications and as RoR behaves with a really large database?

Good day, dear community. There was a desire to learn a new programming language and after some reviews I fell in love with Ruby on Rails. Actually in Google I could not find the normal information for the beginner on Ruby. It is for this I want to ask the advice of professionals — where to read, what to read, where to star...
philip_Konopelski27 asked October 3rd 19 at 11:44

The Save To... button (javascript)

Is there a script that would allow to save files to dropbox, google drive, and a bunch of other services (by analogy with the link "share")? Nothing naguglit. I really haven't written it yet? Of course, I will be able to do it myself, but I would not like to reinvent the wheel if it already exists. Thank you.
Zakary74 asked October 3rd 19 at 04:36

What to choose in freelance: frontend, backend or mobile?

Thinking where to go. I plan to do freelancing, so, guided mostly on their preferences and the freelance market. What I realized at the moment: 1. Coding is not programming :) Should be able to photoshop at a sufficient level and tedious to adjust the blocks to a state of Zen. 2. Frontend ephemeral (in freelance it means "p...
Jayden.Predovic asked October 2nd 19 at 17:10

Why so many front-end jobs?

For the sake of interest (for the future) periodically look at jobs and work for freelancers. I look programming. And see that all need front-end developers. 70 percent. What is the reason? I thought the barrier to entry is lower (than the back-end), so developers should be too much, and so on. And if found back-end, so alm...
nora.Prohaska30 asked October 2nd 19 at 17:01

Obfuscation of the frontend. How to hide javascript logic from the majority?

I think there is no point in writing why. As I see it: - verify the domain in the script, without specifying the domain in the code (hash or something less expensive for the processor). You can get around, but if you really prispichit. - the encoding of the script through some kind of grinder-minifixator, with flexible "enc...
camryn22 asked September 30th 19 at 22:43

How to organize the process of developing websites on Wordpress?

Interested in designing, creating new themes and websites for Wordpress. At the moment I work in the following way: 1. Create and bring to mind the website on the local machine. 2. I am switching to hosting. 3. At the request of the customer to change that: Open the desired file via FTP, edit in the editor, save, pour back....
Angelita asked September 30th 19 at 22:01

What to take for the frontend?

LESS, Sass, SCSS, Stylus, Jade, Slim, Coffeescript, LiveScript, Haml, Markdown... so Many things, but it is not clear when and what is appropriate to use. For example, suitable for: 1. Simple business card websites, landing pages. 2. Small online shops, websites-directory of small companies. 3. Large online shops, large com...
skye.Stehr asked September 30th 19 at 18:42

What could be the average minimum for a junior frontend developer?

Have sobesedovanija recently hoping to get the first clean IT. In English, it seems, was not a problem. Have fallen short on those parts. Appointed a mentor, he was given two books on the PLO and sent to study. While studying itchy hand to try to do something, something to apply - say, before. Overdue question: please desc...
arvilla99 asked September 30th 19 at 18:29