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Which language to choose (F#, or Lisp)?

My primary language is C, I love and respect. But to sit on one and I can not for the sake of overall development, I decided to study some a second. Chose the exotic, lisp and f#, but can't decide which one, maybe someone experience was, tell?
Jodie_Sanford72 asked April 4th 20 at 00:47

In what languages is F#?

I heard that F# is able to translates in javascript. And in what other languages he is able to be transmitted? Maybe there's a list? And it is important that it is aired in Nativ and vzaimodeistvie level antimason.
otis asked March 24th 20 at 13:10

Will there be official support for F# in Unity?

I went out with this question. But found there only a couple of articles about how enthusiasts using dubious crutches with their hands fasten F#. Is there any information about the intentions of Unity Technologies officially support F# in newer versions of Unity?
Layne asked March 13th 20 at 14:08
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