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Can diopter glasses to replace the cover?

Whether it is possible where in Moscow to remove the old lens with coating (ar, anti-glare, and so on) and replace it with new without replacing the lens itself? I have a very complex and expensive lenses, and change them out entirely just because of the peeling coating is very expensive. Google, of course, did not help.
terrenc asked March 29th 20 at 23:54

How to eat optimally when you work the head?

Hi! Made the discovery for themselves - the impact of simple carbohydrates on the body. Used to take the conversations on this subject area of competence of old women watching the transfer Malakhov's health. (Do not know if they are still). Now, I have long been tormented by the question - why am I so lazy zheppa why I alwa...
Ken.Hand asked March 29th 20 at 21:02

Choice drops "artificial tears"?

Good afternoon. A month ago I underwent surgery phacoemulsification, went to work. Closing the hospital, optometrist recommended to use drops type of "artificial tears". The pharmacy suddenly found out that quite a lot and the price range is not too small. While took cheapest "Defiles", but admit, much improvement is not no...
Wendell_Connelly asked March 27th 20 at 13:07

What do you think about frameless furniture?

Actually, a subject. Can the armchair pear with a good filler to replace workplace? To sit in it comfortably, but noticed that I sit slightly hunched in the chair. It is also interesting what impact it has on the back.
Anderson.Polli asked March 25th 20 at 11:31

What are the practices to not get fat while working remotely?

The problem is that little traffic, and apparently the blood is not circulating as it should. Another problem is that it is difficult to find the motivation to walk/run. In short, become a vegetable)
Johnpaul99 asked March 24th 20 at 11:47

Which monitor to choose not to tired Galazov?

Hello, this problem: About 12 years spent at a 4:3 monitor LG and did not have any problems. Was able to sit in tight and never get tired eyes. It's time to upgrade, took 144гц monitor Benq zowie XL to VA matrix. Just awfully tired eyes after a couple of hours at the computer. If anything, configuration, of course, adequate...
Elliot.Lubowit asked March 24th 20 at 11:27

Vision does not deteriorate from the computer is this true?

It turns out I like sitting from morning till night and with my eyesight, everything will be okay?
mckenzie asked March 23rd 20 at 19:52

Reduces forearm when printing, who faced?

Hello Over the past year, faced with the problem. In normal printing (work, correspondence, typical) start to bulk up the muscles of the forearm (the part of the body from the wrist to the elbow), and then felt heaviness in the arm, a discomfort, like cramping in hand and fingers, and it becomes very difficult to print. Who...
Annamarie.Schmitt asked March 23rd 20 at 18:43

Is there any programmers who as a Junior could only think of the night, and then were able day?

I'm a Junior and I want to quickly raise your level. For me it is mostly the development of abstract thinking, to write more thoughtful code. Serious attention to this recently, and normally I can not sleep for a long time. Schedule constantly "rides" here and there. It happens on 3 hours sleep. Noticed it worse I think. Bu...
Meggie.Oberbrunn asked March 21st 20 at 12:47

Which monitor for coding 2019?

Hello! I know that this subject similar question was asked yesterday, however, including unaffected, there are some subtleties that we would like to clarify. Last 2 days to actively read, monitor e-catalog + yandex market. Briefly, in the direction which, I think, need to watch: 1. Only IPS or VA (matrix); 2. 24" Full HD or...
isai.Frami1 asked March 21st 20 at 12:29