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Syntax highlighting?

There is a library for syntax highlighting on the web page — SyntaxHighlighter ( Blocks of text on the page (by default, the tag pre) rastsvechivaya when the page is initialized. Problem: after the text in the block has changed, for example, as a result of operation Ajax, he los...
Rey_Schuppe asked October 14th 19 at 11:47

What little color the syntax code for AT&T-style Assembly language for article on habré?

Were looking for things to embellish the Assembly code (AT&T-style)... and anything acceptable did not find. Some tools were given a very good result, but did not give the code to publish on habré. And those that generate code for Habra, seemed to me, to put it mildly, unpalatable.
samantha4 asked October 10th 19 at 12:51

IntelliJ IDEA and lights a Nonbreaking space

As in IntelliJ IDEA (or PyCharm) to highlight a Nonbreaking space? Code — 160. I need it to in templates you can use text, typography past and not look stupid .
jamaal.Connelly asked October 10th 19 at 06:38

Lechki PHP editor with formatting and highlighting?

Good day, using NetBeans, it is quite heavy and not suitable for fast editing\viewing single files... Looking for a simple editor, grainy criterion, syntax highlighting and autoformatting of code... from Notepad++ not found autoformation, and highlighting why it is only in manual, exposed, the machine does not catch... coul...
Stacy_Schust asked October 10th 19 at 02:59

Where to find syntax highlighting for vim php 5.3.3?

Where to get the php syntax file for vim that supports 5.3.3 (especially namespace)? Now I use this plugin. Managed to find only this, but it has no support for namespaces. Maybe someone can share?
Lizzie_Torphy14 asked October 9th 19 at 23:10

Chat with syntax highlighting?

Hello, at work and school often have tsilas, accept and discuss individual parts of the code through chat. Are there any messengers (or any plugins for them) with the code highlighting of different languages?
tracy.DuBuque asked October 9th 19 at 19:58

IDE under Mac (Python + Django)?

People change to Mac, tell me who uses what editor to have syntax highlighting for Python (Django if in them!) well I standard set of course html+css+php+js? Look at Coda, Textmate, Komodo — but the reviews different meet and can't decide. Anything that can be used tell me what are the pros (what you liked in each of them)?...
Rusty.Runolfsson asked October 9th 19 at 19:10

In NetBeans 7.0.1 to switch classes?

If I write MyClass myObject = new MyClass(); the class name and the object name is highlighted in the same font and the same color, how to change it? I would like, what would the class for example was a different color. Not critical of course, but not handy sometimes. In the settings went through, was not found.
Neha11 asked October 8th 19 at 05:57

How to configure syntax highlighting in Vim Template Toolkit?

Here is a Vim script which it makes. Added it to the folder syntax, added the necessary lines to filetype.vim:au BufNewFile,BufRead *.tt2 call s:AdjustTT2Type() func! s:AdjustTT2Type() if ( getline(1) . getline(2) . getline(3) =~ '<\chtml' && getline(1) . getline(2)...
kip.Wolf93 asked October 7th 19 at 18:35

How to integrate Notepad++ with MinGW compiler?

Dear harrowdale, tell me how you can intelligently integrate Notepad++ (or similar editor with different syntax highlighting) with a MinGW compiler (or similar Windows).
Quinten_Howell asked October 7th 19 at 12:45