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How to make DB_LOGIN from Putty?

Welcome! On the machine Windows XP starts up Putty, do so on the server HP-UX on the key. When automatically running the script using Putty which does a select from the database (Oracle) I cannot connect to the database. In Putty remote_command is specified, is the authentication key, the script runs but does not connect ...
boyd_Towne asked September 30th 19 at 12:02

How you can practice administration HP-UX and IBM AIX?

Please tell me the services that provide free/paid access to remote data terminal operating systems for training. Can be within any training courses? Preferably cheaply, as want to do this in order to expand the horizons in Unix operating systems. Literature is like there, but practice nothing. Or maybe it is I do not need...
Daron_Schaef asked September 20th 19 at 20:55

How to extend partition in HP-UX?

Good day! Is in the presence of HP integrity server installed on HP-UX, and it has a virtual machine with the same HP-UX. Recently, partition /data on the virtual machines turned out to be filled to 100%. How can I extend the partition? I mention about the fact that the VM although I think the difference is not extreme. Un...
nikita.Stracke asked July 31st 19 at 16:37

The prospects of the commercial Unices?

The purpose of this question, to learn from those who have involved in administration of Solaris (and commercial Unices in General), about thoughts and tendencies of development of this direction. The fact that the last few years, watching the decline of offers from employers in this area (I'm not generalizing, just my IMHO...
lavada.Kunze asked July 4th 19 at 15:22
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