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How to save the developer from burnout? And whether or not to save?

Good morning everyone! I now work as a project Manager in the company with a fully distributed state. A couple of months ago we took a new mobile developer level middle and added to my project. When developing mobile applications I'm using like this flow works: The project Manager describes the task and provides all the...
asa.Heaney asked April 19th 20 at 12:16

What are the services for skills matrix/management?

Hi! Here's the situation. In our team, different people know different: someone who's very good with photoshop, someone senior java developer, someone poetry good reads, and some good can translation with drevnekitaiskogo in Swahili. Yet the whole thing is written to GoogleTalk. And how the civilized world is addressing ...
Trevor_Lark asked April 9th 20 at 10:15

Whether you need a master's degree in career growth in IT?

All kind time of day, Enrolled in graduate of the high school building, specialty technical, but IT vooooobsche not connected. Can safely be levied in the future or need any master? He'll learn Data Science courses with the help of Yandex... Do I need a master's degree in career growth? Do you need to master if I want to ...

Is there somewhere statistics on how successful trying to shantice guys from St. PETERSBURG to Moscow?

Interested in statistics, or personal experience on how successful it turns out to huntite developers from SPB to Moscow's position. I.e. let's say the median SPB 120 thousand, and then the developer is offered 140-150 in Moscow, how much interest the proposal of the developers.
Owen65 asked April 3rd 20 at 23:46

As the admin not to be rude users?

Hi all. I'm starting to fall... Actually, I'm not conflicted administrator (30 years, Windows admin, cloud, virtualization, hybrid infrastructure from scratch + 've had a lifetime of experience of anakasia), but occasionally oftener episodes when the users (from management to operators of the call center) is presented his i...
che asked April 3rd 20 at 18:21

How to remove the risks of luring the developer on T&M and autstaff?

Everyone, Hello! Which day struggling with the decision of the question of the safe delivery of staff to hire (T&M or autstaff) in the IT field. Prompt, who knows. We are it company and create a custom. Often we are asked to create software, and just rent people at the T&M payment scheme, or even on autstaff. In th...
grace_Block asked April 3rd 20 at 18:20

How to confirm participation in the project?

Vacancies sometimes see the phrase "confirmed projects". As confirmed projects? How to do it, for example, a mobile developer?
laverne_Larson13 asked April 3rd 20 at 16:36

What is the service a questionnaire to use to evaluate candidates?

Hi, I'm Front-end developer and want to create a questionnaire for the overall assessment of competence of candidates (to partially remove the burden of them), looking for some kind of service for this purpose, tell me what's good, you need to be able gated personal access to the questionnaire. Tell us who is used with a po...
caden_Wolff asked March 31st 20 at 20:43

How many developers in the state of major online stores?

Citylink, WildBerries, M-video, and the like. Approximate numbers can anyone know or assume?
liam_Metz49 asked March 31st 20 at 20:34

Where and how to find free labor for the project for fun and where to discuss ideas?

Like every programmer, I have a few ideas in the IT field. They are not so important and valuable to leave their things and do them. And unlikely to bring any money, but to me they seem interesting. And it seems that for young programmers who need experience, maybe my wise and instructing and guiding wedgies and line in a C...
jared_Russ asked March 31st 20 at 14:45