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Instapaper vs closed blogs Habra

Recently bought a kindle and have a desire for interesting articles to read on it and not from the monitor screen. This task copes service Instapaper. Bookmark hanging bookmarklet to "read later" when you click on that the article is in a list for reading later. After that you can sync with the kindle and the new articles w...
brayan.McGlynn asked October 14th 19 at 11:43

Sync Instapaper / Readability / Read it later?

Whether there are ready scripts, or any funds/services to sync articles to Instapaper / Readability / Read It Later (Pocket)? P. S. For the current synchronization using but I do not want to endure in the hands of old saved articles.
murphy_Schmeler93 asked October 7th 19 at 23:49

Counterparts Instapaper for android

I would like simple — to save/mark from your browser article for later reading offline with an Android tablet and maybe kindle. And ideally it would pull the content from a rss. Android Instapaper himself did not like the loss of formatting and a bunch of other bugs. Looking for analogues, and can be paid with a trial versi...
jadyn.Rodriguez asked October 3rd 19 at 12:22

Mobile habrahabr: how to obtain the article and review on one page?

I want to learn somehow to a page where eventually one of the URL is the text of the article and comments. It is desirable that it was a mobile version, as be read the book, but they are weak and want the pages easier. Quite perfect it would be if services like Instapaper in the transition mode of the article (Article mode)...
robbie_Smith asked September 26th 19 at 19:01

Delayed reading — how to configure the extension {Instapaper, Pocket, Readability} similarly, the expansion from your Kindle?

Good day to all! There is a need to read the articles behind a login form, on an android device. It is desirable that the browser was extension - poked the button, the item came into the device. Tried Instapaper, Pocket, Readability - all three of them instead of the article in the app is the login form (i.e. their extensi...
brant71 asked September 26th 19 at 14:44
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