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Semantic HTML-coding multi-line quotes?

The question to adherents of semantic HTML markup. How to typeset a multiline quotation? It is clear that the blockquote tag, but then I see the difficulty in a very common case, when in the last paragraph, after the quotation is some text: this is usually an indication of source in the brackets, the sign of a footnote or e...
damaris asked October 14th 19 at 11:07

What are web designers the attributes of a profession?

Whores — red lamp, tailor's scissors and a spool of thread, a blacksmith with anvil, horseshoe, the Builder's trowel. And we? We have these same attributes?
Pedro17 asked October 10th 19 at 02:44

git and layout

Hi all. I have been programming web applications. Used to use a distributed version control system git, though exclusively from the console. The hosting has git repository in which I make changes and then deploy the application from there on the server. It is very convenient, no copying of files via ftp and so forth. But...
Nora_Hya asked October 10th 19 at 01:53

Where can you find a designer-coder?

The people, help to find the designer-coder... Need to understand cross-browser layout, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), worked in the basic packages of raster and vector graphics (PhotoShop, CorelDraw), Flash (the development of dynamic and static banners) Understand the website structure, usability... Thanks in advance!!...
josie asked October 8th 19 at 07:17

How do I check how the site will look on a retina screen?

The web is full of recipes, how to prepare a website for retina screens, but I have not found — is it possible somehow to check if you have this screen, how will the website look?
rosa_Stehr99 asked October 7th 19 at 14:27

Why doesn't the coefficient of elasticity of the form {k\fill}?

Welcome! In the layout pondered how to do the following: a string to be placed not in the center of the page, and 1/3 from the top? According to the textbook Lviv, it could be done like this:\documentclass{report} \begin{document} \vspace*{\fill} Middle \vspace*{2\fill} \end{document} However, in this case, the string is ...
Vidal_Moore87 asked October 3rd 19 at 10:07

How to disable scaling on the web site?

Let's say I have this layout that works correctly after changing the size of the client area. So what is the means to prohibit these actions?
Rickie asked October 3rd 19 at 01:03

What happens to the foreign market front-end development?

Hello! I'm a coder (or pretender, whatever you like). Moonlighting on the Russian-speaking freelance (freelance, weblancer). I like everything here, orders there, customers appreciate me because they make high-quality layout, without the schlock and generally love their job. But I realized that there is not a lot of money. ...
Ivy.Mull asked October 3rd 19 at 00:26

Semantic code?

Into frontend development, faced with such a term as semantics, but I'm not sure that writing the code correctly. On the Internet a lot of conflicting information, and each has its own IMHO. It would be interesting to see how semantic the code given below (a big embarrassment for the tag "section")? <meta charset="UT...
miles.Fisher asked September 28th 19 at 04:35

Coder of the year. How to achieve?

Hello! Got the internship of a young coder, a question for experienced professionals this is not easy case :) Help to make a checklist of the ideal of a coder, he should know, what skills should have... It is clear that the approach has to be comprehensive, but it is necessary to understand the scope of knowledge of this sp...
Kaia_Balistreri asked September 28th 19 at 02:43