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As linux to configure notification of the lack of free space in the mail?

Good afternoon. Prompt: Created VM of ubuntu, LVM najadi for expansion, yet drove in the test, ran out of space, web face disappeared, LVM refused to expand, the place was 0. In current situation it is easier to create a VM with 0 and continue to test. Tell me - is there any tool by Zabbix and SNMP (to introduce yet more e...
Lucas_Mosciski17 asked April 4th 20 at 13:17

Need help with gluster, problems with XFS filesystem how to set volume?

Good afternoon. A few days struggling with a strange problem with gluster. Asking for professional help in this matter. Have 3 servers, each hardware RAID with 8 disks combined into a RAID 10. The arrays are divided into 3 sections, the boot partition and OS partition for data (sda - sda1 (boot) sda2 (lvm) sda3). Servers on...
Americo.Gutkowski asked April 4th 20 at 12:50

How in Linux you can take away/add the space to system partition under LVM?

If OS is Debian on a RAID1 array, the system partition under LVM, how can it take away or add space?
sophia.Bashirian asked April 4th 20 at 12:35

How to restore grub?

Ubuntu LVM When starting the machine the error appears Tried to repair the boot loader using a live cd with Boot repair, but there is nothing coming in, as far as I know live cd can not mount a lvm. Expanded possibilities unavailable "option Mestoraspolozhenie GRUB"
Camille asked April 3rd 20 at 17:30

LVM can be expanded to dynamic VHDX?

Hi all. Situation: 1) Created on a HYPER-V on Windows Server 2016 VM disk type - Dynamic HDD 30 GB 2) Put OS UBUNTU server 18 3) Set up LVM, all automatic. The result - the disk size is 4.5 GB. Put ON and left. Through the time check - not updated, no place. While reading the documentation on LVM realized that the need to i...
Kayli.Klein71 asked April 3rd 20 at 16:33

Once recovery from LVM snapshot requires a restart?

1. Created snapshot partition home command: lvcreate 2. Created a test file under the home 3. Restored the snapshot command lvconvert --merge 4. But the test file from the home section disappears only after reboot... Impossible to restore from a snapshot is possible only through the reboot? Or need to play with mounting un...
Leland_Osinski asked April 2nd 20 at 16:07

How to mount with XFS can't read superblock?

Hello! The background: There are lvm logical disk in /dev/mapper/centos_kvm that did not get mounted in a directory due to the fact that was damaged and later restored lvm /etc/lvm/archives. But mount-t xfs /dev/mapper/centos_kvm /mnt govort:mount: /dev/mapper/centos_kvm: can't read superblock Xfs_repair also fighting all s...
monique_Morar asked April 1st 20 at 15:47

LVM to increase the size of drive on VDS?

Welcome! Experience with lvm I have a few, need help, please share the experience. Read man, looked Google, but have not mastered to understand the situation. There are several VM on centos, they are set up lvm. There was a need to expand the size of the additional disk. Expanded the VM disk in the admin panel. we see tha...
rupert.Herzog asked March 31st 20 at 16:07

Do I need to virtualcad to create a LVM if I want to increase the size of the disk?

In Proxmox in virtual reality can simply increase the disk size:qm resize <vmid> <disk> <size> You need to consider in advance that this disk was LVM ? Or you can just create a filesystem and mount /boot and / right in the disc?
Leonora asked March 31st 20 at 14:19

Whether the /boot partition and swap stuff in LVM?

Modern Grub supports booting from LVM-volumes. I decided to create a software RAID 1 with only two HDD. On top of software RAID I decided to use LVM. Can partition for /boot and a swap file to be placed in an LVM logical volume ? Old versions of Grub can't work with LVM, and the new can. Does it make sense? First partition...
Genesis98 asked March 29th 20 at 19:55