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Why the need for archiving Matomo?

Can't understand why you need a backup in Matomo, and if I'm gonna lose my data? I don't want to delete anything, but matomo slow ( server normal) for him.
lura.Hilpe asked April 18th 20 at 12:52

How to catch the transitions from different domains?

You have a server with nginx It revolves at 10 to sites one client has 2 domains leading to one site, relatively (fundamental in the promotion and TP) and (it advertises the services on Board the vehicle) But maybe, in the settings of nginx - alias these 2 work very quickly and can't grasp how to trac...
abbie_Stoltenberg67 asked April 4th 20 at 01:19

After moving site to https was tripping balls, how to win?

There is a website forum vbulletin Converted it into https, all more or less debugged, works But stopped working the external system of accounting visits (matomo) It is evident that the user is logged but his further steps on the website no longer displayed. I briefly looked on the Internet solutions immediately not found. ...
Alvina asked March 17th 20 at 08:27

Piwik (Matomo) can work with memcached?

Hello! Matome (former Pivik) can work with any service caching? Interested in memcached, have a bit to unload the skul 'and he (the skul') draws on a complete database of the visits over 6 years and it would be hard. A quick look the official resource - something sensible is nothing, were some attempts but they seem all ove...
antonette_Kul asked March 15th 20 at 22:47

In statistics Matomo (Piwik) one ip address. How to fix it?

On two sites on vds cost counter matomo, using tracker proxy. Have sites one ip, one domain Registrar, the same configuration of nginx, and the same codes of counters, except, of course, setSiteId. But matomo (which is on another server), one of these sites in the statistics of the visitors ip is always the same ip - the ma...
ferne81 asked March 13th 20 at 15:12
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