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How to configure a media server on a router of Netgear WNR3500L with DD-WRT?

To the router connected hard drive to the WD 1TB. Everything is set up according to the instructions There is also a TV Samsung UE-32C6000 connected to the router by cable. Actually TV you need to have access to your hard through a router. Tried uShare and Twonky, but none bred.
Mariane73 asked October 10th 19 at 03:57

Flash<->Media Server<->Flash, voice chat

Hello! Advise, please, commercial and non-commercial solutions for voice chat between the two parties on the website using Flash and any media server (red5 for instance). It seems the problem is common, but sensible information on this topic I have not found. Thank you!
cierra.Lemke90 asked October 3rd 19 at 20:22

How to connect to a rasberry pi with a SATA HDD?

Good day! The question is. There is a Raspberry Pi model B and an old HDD to 1tb. I want to make a home media server for storing media and a small test web server for projects. I found an adapter from SATA to USB to connect the HDD to the rasberry, but had read that he rasberry consumes 3.5 W, and 5W HDD around. Will it be ...
katrina.Ha asked September 30th 19 at 17:48

Choosing iron for the home server?

There was a desire to organize a home server. Versed in hardware so-so, topics that had not previously touched, so ask advice. Task standard: Philosophumena torrenticola and watching movies (including HD) with him on the laptop. - a web server for development (sites) - perhaps networks Requirements: - the minimum cost, the ...
loren.Klocko72 asked September 26th 19 at 02:59

What is this feature in Plex?

In the Plex media server there is such a thing - if you have two files with two versions of the same movie (bitrate, for example), then Plex displays this film as one, but the preview draws a round blue icon with the number 2. Let's say I want to select a specific file from these two - how to do it? Or I want both of the fi...
adella17 asked September 18th 19 at 22:59

How to install plugins for Plex on Mac OS?

On a Mac with 10.9.4 installed fresh Plex server (Version All folders are scanned, access from other devices is, the movies are played, but I want to expand a little the functionality of plugins (IMDb, etc.). Everywhere in the instructions the following item to install the plugins: ~/Library...
roma21 asked September 18th 19 at 14:16

What are the names of the manufacturers are unpopular, but good, blu-ray players?

Visited the site once, but lost and forgot the name. There are more player media server together was to store video files.
nikita.Stracke asked June 1st 19 at 17:27
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