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answers readable?

Gabrieli, we are talking about the service of collective blogs from the creators of Twitter and blogger I have tried many times to read the articles in this resource, but it is simply impossible. Lose not only the lines but also letters. Evident everything from text size to line spacing. The only solution is to ...
alysa_Murphy66 asked October 3rd 19 at 02:58

How to make a display of page loading, as is done in or

On the website and - the top of the page when you go to the link loading the page in the form of a line (green) - how to do so? Who knows - where it is possible to say such a script?
ludie.Kutch asked September 23rd 19 at 19:14

Is there a Wordpress theme like the site

Welcome! Tell me, is there for Wordpress themes, created in the image of the site Google on request "wordpress theme like medium", but never found something satisfactory. Gave article absolutely topics, but they are not even close to resemble a medium (maybe before some other version was?). In General, the right...
alejandrin_Crona asked September 15th 19 at 22:21

How to implement a blog on the platform

In the network meet the blogging platform medium: Is there tutorialsi to create your full-fledged blog, with the url and authorization system for a medium? If you used the medium in their projects, give a couple of tips if you want to do a full blog on this platform?
vivianne asked June 27th 19 at 20:48

How to make a corporate blog on Medium?

The crux of the matter - if you just sign up for Medium, you will have a blog like this. That is the most common layout, your name, avatars and posts. But somehow you can make another type of blog, e.g. here. Here's another page structure, corporate style, etc. I can not understand what to do to turn a 'normal' blog in 'cor...
Erich5 asked June 19th 19 at 19:49

What are the alternatives Habra abroad?

Hi. Faced with the question of promotion of the project through blogs. Want to find a foreign alternative to Habru, that volume hits articles. I had to test a working account from to put it mildly was disappointed.Habr: On habré in days can RAID 3k views article, because after you publish it immediately throws in...
Marjolaine asked June 12th 19 at 19:45
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