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What is the analogue of "megaplan"?

Good evening, please help, maybe someone knows whether there is a crm/erp system is most appropriate for our tasks Need 1. Proper project management 2. Project templates 3. Custom fields (custom by yourself without a programmer) projects 4. Filters and sorting projects in all fields, including custom. The ability to save fi...
cleora.Blanda asked March 17th 20 at 09:02

Tell me outdoor analog "Megaplan" (PM)

Interested in open. Preferably, the most similar system of conducting projects (and tasks). As well as adding tasks for employees. Reviews read, a dozen systems tried (both proprietary and open), while megaplan liked the most.
demetrius_Thompson21 asked October 14th 19 at 11:15

Who than uses for control of transactions in the online store?

Good day, How do you organize your sales in the online store? Lead customers? Track returns and logistics? I have two Internet stores, one associated with individual production and then default complex process. To control use megaplan module of the transaction. And in July I launched a banal gift shop, I thought. what ...
Stacy_Schust asked October 3rd 19 at 11:46

Choose CRM for foreign businesses (SalesForce, ZohoCRM, SugarCRM, ...). What to choose?

Dear users. There was a lot of information about the selection of CRM systems. But since each business is inherently unique, some General advice on choosing a major vendor ("vendor") are not always suitable. In brief would like to describe our workflow to pick the right decision, without the "crutches" and not overloaded. 1...
Burley asked October 1st 19 at 01:20

Which cloud platform to use to create the automation systems business?

Looking towards Cuba (, but it is unclear how to change it the interface. What are the analogues? Or is it easier from zero to write? The output of our project should be the equivalent of "megaplan".
Haskell.Boyer asked September 28th 19 at 01:18

What project management system to choose for the report to the client?

Tell me a system with such capabilities: - separation of user rights: 1) the project editor, 2) a client that only monitors compliance; - the Gantt chart; - in Russian; - can be in the cloud, on the server. - free or inexpensive. Now I look at Bitrix24, but there is too much impossible to hide for the customer. You just nee...
Garland_Gorczany asked September 27th 19 at 14:18

Is there an alternative to financial accounting from

In in the financials module there is a tool like a commercial binding (Fig. below) that lets you know the final profit for the totality of the selected receipts and expenditures. Prompt, whether implemented in some other online accounting system for business similar feature. To pay 3200 Euro a month for this too...
hector_Zulauf0 asked September 26th 19 at 00:57

What is the generic equivalent of "megaplan"?

Colleagues, good afternoon. Asking for help in the selection of more functional analogue "Megaplan", which we use, but is not satisfied for a number of reasons. I am also interested in analog, which will be focused on project Management. Requirements for service: 1. Project management: 1.1. project planning 1.2. planning of...
Edmund94 asked September 24th 19 at 23:09

How to write a value in the custom field "megaplan" when creating transactions via the api?

Hello! Please tell me how can I record among other things the custom field value in the transaction. There is a field that ID (Category1000055CustomFieldRoistat)[32] => Array ( [Name] => Category1000055CustomFieldRoistat [Translation] => roistat ) and the function that creates the transactioncreate_deal function...
kyla.Dooley13 asked September 13th 19 at 15:09

How to choose a project management system for sales and production of doors?

Good day! We need a system for managing sales of doors exclusively for vnutrikorporativnye use. Sushestvuyet attached an example image to the question. Need online access, with maximum possible reduction of financial costs. Now used an Excel spreadsheet as in the example:The link to the image Examples 1C, Megaplan, etc. Som...
geovany_Casper asked August 6th 19 at 23:16