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Great HD monitor for the programmer that the eyes are not tired?

Many years spent behind laptops. Eyes are so used to a small monitor (13-15"), even after 8-12 hours there is no feeling of fatigue and problems. The main programs that I use in my work - it is certainly the browsers environment-development/code editor etc. tools. Friend brought to test the large 23-inch monitor DELL S2318H...
dwight_Williamson asked March 27th 20 at 13:29

How to collect a huge screen on the wall?

Need to raise the screen approximately 4 by 2 meters. Suggested that it is possible to collect the matrixes of monitors of the same size using an Arduino Board. Is it possible and how ?
carmen_Pfannerstill18 asked March 27th 20 at 13:28

Monitor for which one to choose?

Good night, climbs all the sites, read the reviews, now I do not know how to choose a monitor, be advised to pick up. The budget is not more than 20 000. Is nVidia 1050ti Doing layout of sites, design of sites. Sometimes watch movies. I don't play games. It is desirable to provide links to monitors would be very grateful....
dagmar_Bartoletti asked March 25th 20 at 13:04

Ryabyat monitors what to do with statics?

There is an office, made on the principle of hell for appliances, laminate floor coverings, a lot of iron pseudo open space, the socket without grounding. Began to ruffle the monitors(2A and 2A are the same yet different), changed monitors, tried the leads too, gertsovka installed correctly. 3 of the 4 computers are on the ...
Liam_Kuvalis asked March 25th 20 at 13:00

Like when you turn on the laptop via VGA to vivocity the image on the monitor connection?

Like when you turn on the laptop via VGA to vivocity the image on the monitor connection? So as not pereklyuchenii manually with the OS.
rudolph_Beier13 asked March 25th 20 at 12:38

Types of matrices notebook is a good resource with information?

Hello! Who understands the current diversity of matrices, tell me where you can see all their types that are now used in laptops. The issue has matured, as they began to emerge a new acronym, about which the Internet has little information, and in General written blurry. For example got this laptop:
bernie.Stracke asked March 25th 20 at 12:14

Ultrawide vs Dual Screen?

Plans to replace the monitors, now two 22" and 19", new are choosing between the two 27"FHD or one 34"UFHD, but never had the experience of ultrawide monitor, so there are doubts. I read in several places that to the eye the ideal monitor size 27 because of the proportions of the fonts, especially if the vision is implantab...
Aglae.Dicke asked March 25th 20 at 12:04

Whether to use a 21-22" monitor?

Replaced the 19" monitor (Samsung 913N) 24" Dell UltraSharp (Dell UltraSharp U2415 (210-AEVE) I was ready for the fact that the new monitor will be much wider, but not so. Do web-development, sometimes games, movies (I think that it has a TV). Whether 24" is too big a strain on the eyes? Now, it seems that there is addition...
jaclyn asked March 25th 20 at 11:38

Appeared distinction between the 2 monitors, how to remove?

Not so long ago began to use a second monitor, a couple of days ago there was a problem creating a little discomfort. When you try to shift from 1st to 2nd monitor with the mouse in the window, it "stopped" at the border between the monitors and trying to expand the window to the right pane without navigating to the 2nd mon...
vladimir.Harb asked March 25th 20 at 11:33

What to do if the monitor itself fades?

If you put the brightness of the monitor where more then 30 points, then the monitor fades. It does not turn off, and as it puts the brightness to the minimum, as the monitor still can be something hard to discern. When this happens there are 2 types of events: 1. Flashes, ie off, then returns to normal brightness and so a ...
joaquin asked March 25th 20 at 11:18