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nginx + php-fpm + freebsd. the problem

Collected from the ports of nginx and php5 with php-fpm Created a vhost for nginx server {<br> server_name site1;<br> listen 80;<br> access_log /server/logs/nginx/site1.access.log;<br> error_log /server/logs/nginx/site1.error.log;<br> <br / > location ~ \.php$ {<br> location 1...
Lyda_Parker62 asked October 14th 19 at 12:04

Server for the loaded project?

Good day, dear! A few similar issues, please help if you know: 1. Approximately how many servers need to support a load of 100,000 people per day, peak — 150.000 (project big social network, but optimized under a load)? In this case: Project in Java The Jboss application server PostgreSQL or MySQL 2. What class are the serv...
Maxie_Larkin asked October 14th 19 at 11:56

Why FastCGI+Nginx can't see the PHP settings?

Deployed on the server classic bunch of the Apache:8080+Nginx:80+FastCGI. In php when you access the scripts through port 80 no longer see your settings (load default). I tried to set the settings via php_value in .htaccess — still they focus not see. And through 8080 port all settings are normally tightened. Compare: http:...
elda_Wisoky31 asked October 14th 19 at 11:56

Advise the book on Apache, Nginx

Advise Russian (s) of the book administration of Apache and Nginx
ryan44 asked October 14th 19 at 11:33

Debugging netbeans+xdebug+fpm+nginx = 502 error?

Decided to configure debuging in netbeans using xdebug. All set up, but after 30 seconds, nginx gives 502 error. Changed all possible settings and php: max_execution_time and nginx: client_body_timeout, client_header_timeout, timeout, resolver_timeout, keepalive_timeout Not helps :(UPD. I found a solution. It is sufficient...
erica asked October 14th 19 at 11:23

Gzip with Nginx as proxy?

How to configure Nginx for the following problem: There is a server that can only accept non-gzip responses. There is a remote resource with which you have to communicate traffic to use gzip (compression supported by the remote resource). From the application I make a request to the local address Nginx-and he in turn makes...
hilma.Mull asked October 14th 19 at 11:04

The transition from Apache to nginx

Anyway, now I have configured and installed the nginx+php-fpm (ubuntu 10.04). Formed the following problem: it is necessary to put the system to project management qdPM. And it requires a Directive to the web server AllowOverride All. Of course this applies to Apache. So how do you make this system run under nginx? here's...
trevion.Howell asked October 14th 19 at 10:56

concurrent connections with Nginx

How to know the number obnovlennyh connections to nginx at the moment?
leonard_Casper asked October 10th 19 at 15:35

Nginx as a means to determine whether the request is a question mark?

On the website, CNC bots hammering page, view /?weqdw=14. By means of the configuration of nginx to define the question mark in the query and give an error 444?
mylene_Moore63 asked October 10th 19 at 14:50

nginx, the response time

After installing nginx as frontend to Apache response time has become like this (for monitoring webopulsar): Before installation everything was smooth. OS — Ubuntu 10.04 server, a website on Yii (PHP) + APC turned on. Loaded not more than 50% of RAM, CPU not more than 20%. VPS. nginx.conf, proxy.conf
Jodie14 asked October 10th 19 at 14:45