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Ocfs2, reboot server?

Hi all. Features: 2 nodes running oracle linux. to each server for iscsi connected external RAID array. the array will be formatted in ocfs2. Situation: failed controller, external RAID array, resulting in both nodes left to reboot. As I understand, is that the fault ocfs2. Want: How you can prevent reboot the server when ...
davonte_Nolan74 asked September 18th 19 at 14:13

FS ocfs2 — why rabotaetsya the second node?

There is a shelf connected via iscsi to two servers. On the connected capacity formatted FS OCFS2 and mounted to two servers:[sam@redhat1 ~]$ sudo cat /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf node: ip_port = 7000 ip_address = number = 0 name = redhat1 cluster = ocfs2 node: ip_port = 7000 ip_address = number...
davonte_Nolan74 asked September 16th 19 at 20:47

How to defragment ocfs2?

Hello, there are 2 nodes on Oracle Linux 7 is connected to a lun on the raid10 on SAS. The size is about 8TB. The disk is formatted with ocfs2 and used simultaneously on both nodes. After formatting the disk via rsync was synchronized with the old storage, about 1.5 TB. A year and a half everything was fine, but in the last...
yesenia asked July 15th 19 at 17:29
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