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How to solve it?

Investigate for what values of the parameters a and b is asymptotically stable zero solution. Can't decide, tell me.
Lyric.Man asked September 27th 19 at 20:36

Where can help to solve this problem?

had been school. haven't had mathematics. please guide me to know what to look for in Google to understand how it is solved. it may be useful to someone's help for a bottle of beer. Is further complicated by the fact that it is necessary for Visual Basic to do
dimitri_Cass asked September 20th 19 at 00:06

How to get the equation of the two sequences of numbers?

More specifically, there is a series of numbers 1, 2, 3, ..., n-1, n There is another series of numbers, let it be the set of numbers x, y, z, etc. but he also pre-specified. There is a function F(n) by substituting n in which for example starting from 1 we will get x after the substitution 2 will get y, and so on. Need a ...
nikita.Stracke asked September 15th 19 at 18:24

Is there any to solve stoichiometric equations?

Whether now or algorithms to determine the coefficients in the stoichiometric equations? AT which not only works with integer coefficients. In the field of ferroelectrics, namely the synthesis of new ceramic materials, it is necessary to solve such tasks as the alignment of coefficients in equations of chemical reactions.
taylor0 asked September 15th 19 at 02:50
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