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What are the appropriate services aggregators/RSS reader?

To be able to collect a few RSS/Atom streams into a single RSS feed at the output, sorting entries by time and not sure why neither headers nor content, was friends with the Cyrillic alphabet. There is a similar service but it does have limitations and it is often unavailable. Reader type RSS feedly does not g...
Nia.Greenfeld asked October 3rd 19 at 06:07

Where to find an idea to render/work with the data?

Hi all. You know, now there is a wonderful open data portals and But the question is the following. I about a year ago I found a site where was a kind of "challenges" for visualization. As I remember there is, for example, it was proposed to work with the data of registry offices of Moscow. and som...
Margarette asked September 15th 19 at 19:10

Where to find the data on the duration of the working week/working day in the world?

Greetings to all. The required data for the study. Trying to find organized data about the official duration of working week (working day) in different countries, as the 2015/2016 year (actual total). Can anyone come across? Also I would appreciate any review type - "Australia - 36 hours." Thank you.
Margarette asked July 23rd 19 at 13:53
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