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Is there a client XMPP/Jabber for Windows with support for domain authentication and the storing/reading history on the server?

Good day, trying to find a corporate desktop Jabber client on Windows, but need a client that supports the authentication of the current user (on Openfire servers users come from Active Directory) and storing history on the server and reading its customer (i.e., in the case of reinstallation or sign in to your account on an...
janice.Greenholt8 asked April 18th 20 at 13:19

Is it possible through LDAP authorization in a jabber web client Converse.js?

Good afternoon, prompt please, there is a web client for jabber converse.js The documentation which is mentioned about the LDAP auth, but judging by the manual, there seems to be for automatic login, set username/password should be passed in the URL-e Was wondering, is it possible to implement end-to-end using kerberos aut...
Evans_Rolfson31 asked April 9th 20 at 10:45

Openfire 4.4.3 How to disable user logoff from the room?

Good time of day. Raised c openfire AD integration. There are regular rooms, but when you exit the client, spark button, the app leaves the room and sees no new messages, until he comes into the room again. Question - how to implement a ban on the exit of the room permanently for a user ? Thank you.
wendy.Bruen asked April 1st 20 at 16:14
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