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In your experience — whether from burnout change work?

Work as a programmer. I think that burned, because in the presence of indifference to the product (final result and examination of problems), lack of interest in programming, working through force, hardly go to work, reduction of mental abilities (can't program a simple algorithm, like a reversal of the line). It would see...
giovanny0 asked March 27th 20 at 13:21

How to organize work for multiple departments on a large task?

The problem is the following: there is a big challenge (e.g. implementation features), which involved multiple departments: designers, web designers, frontend and backend. At each stage, the work is unfinished — task is blocked due to the fact that something is required from another Department (e.g., the frontend is waiting...

How to organize teamwork using git?

Good morning, currently working on one and the process looks like this: - On a PC, write code, test and do git commit and git push - On the server, do git pull Now the team has a couple of developers. My plan is this: Each of them, getting the task creates this task is a branch from master - Commits in this branch - I check...
Edwardo_Lark asked March 27th 20 at 12:25

As in Asana to create a new team?

Recently signed up for Asana ( ). Really like it, but I can't create a new team, there is no such button, but on screen it is everywhere! Maybe it's now a paid feature? Who uses Asana, please tell me! Tried everything, all the manuals and video Demonstrations I watched, nothing helped. Here: https://forum...
Michelle.Hessel38 asked March 27th 20 at 12:22

How to evaluate the project?

The question is probably stupid, but maybe I don't understand something. Please give the evaluation of the project and requested PM. Below all information which isRequired stack: Laravel/Vue.js Brief project description: The project consists of developing a fully responsive web site where the customers will have the possib...
Evangeline21 asked March 25th 20 at 12:59

Which chair is more comfortable, chair-seat or knee chairs?

Anyone have experience in using these chairs ? Your opinion? chair saddle knee chair
august_Raynor18 asked March 25th 20 at 11:21

What is the process of developing/finalizing the website designer-freelancer?

Hello. Completed courses on desktop publishing and want to find a job, while performing small tasks on freelance. The question arose: how can the client sends materials to work on site? The courses I've made changes to the directory with the site through the Github repository. But, as I understand it, customers are unlikely...
Rocio.Hoeg asked March 24th 20 at 14:54

How to deal with slow clients?

Background: Work with customers on project payment, without a contract. Develop a work plan and confirm it with the customer. In the plan take into account at each point of time for editing and confirmation. There are customers who do not care about the timing of the allocation approval and the delay time yourself on how ma...
Pierre51 asked March 24th 20 at 14:31

Which service / software to control the working time of crews of installers?

Good time of day! We are engaged in the implementation of different kinds of work for different kind of clients. Mainly installation work on the installation of Telecom. equipment. We have crews of installers whose employees periodically among themselves vary depending on the tasks. They go on installation work 2 - 4 times ...

How to organize the work of a freelancer?

I - a freelancer, doing many areas - for example, translations, programming, and a lot more. The question arose, how it all "record", not to forget, what, when, how and for how much. Actually, I started with the fact that I bought a 1C money for a 400r is just the 1C accounting software for home. There I began to consider t...
regan_Schul asked March 24th 20 at 12:55