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Build Hackintosh?

Good afternoon. Laptop Packard Bell EasyNote TN65 Core 2 Duo P7350 2000 Mhz FSB 1066 Mhz 3072Mb DDR2 320.0 Gb ATI Mobility Radeon HD3430 256 Advise the Assembly Hackintosh, if you can put without dancing with a tambourine on this laptop. Thank you.
Flavio_Ankunding asked October 10th 19 at 00:15

Is it possible to upgrade a laptop screen?

Hello. Some time ago I damaged the screen of the laptop and part of the screen is now yellow. In repair of said new matrix is 5000 RUB. I was thinking that since I have to pay for a new screen, is it possible to buy a display with higher resolution, but the same physical size and install is broken? Notebook Packard Bell TN6...
Flavio_Ankunding asked October 7th 19 at 20:52

Linux on the Packard Bell EasyNote TE69KB series?

The system puts each in St. Petersburg... He is not Linuksoid never. Put mint cinnamon does not become firewood for AMD Radeon HD 8240. And system cool lag. What I will advise? PS For "religious" reasons windose I do not advise. We have contact only via the Internet so I physically can't help him PSS If I have not dealt ...
Cristian93 asked October 3rd 19 at 00:01

Replacing CPU on laptop Packard Bell?

Who knows, advise whether to change the processor on the laptop Packard Bell EasyNote TE11HC? In fact in the characteristics of the processor behind.
kayden.Connelly asked September 23rd 19 at 23:12

Where is the Clear Cmos?

MB someone knows where in the laptop on the motherboard is a Clear Cmos to reset the BIOS. Laptop - packard bell tm98-jo-102ru.
nina.Mueller asked September 3rd 19 at 14:53

Is there a way to diagnose the problem with the iron at home?

Laptop Packard Bell EasyNote LS11-SB: AMD Quad-Core A8-3520M APU (1.6 GHz; Turbo Core 2.5 GHz, 35 W) / 12GB / 750GB + 500GB / DVD - RW / Radeon HD 7670M (128 bits) + Radeon HD 6620G (1GB) / Win10 / 17.3" / Li-ion battery 10.8 V 48 WH (4400 mAh) - Bought in Dec 2012 November 2013 - Blue screen of death, with a link to the vi...
Otha_Tremblay3 asked July 16th 19 at 01:20

Is it possible to replace the matrix on a laptop with 1366*768 to 1920*1080?

Laptop Packard Bell EasyNote Ts11 with a resolution of 1366*768. Performance completely satisfied, I want to replace the matrix with a different extension AIDA64 provides such monitor settings The name of the monitor AU Optronics B156XW02 V6 What will it compatible? on the website
nikita.Stracke asked July 5th 19 at 15:20

Packardbell — damned now?

The people, help Council, was dismantled yesterday Packardbell after Assembly, after switching on, no flashing lights, only one lights up, the feeling that it turns on but the cooler is not working. Damage inside is not present, there is an assumption that the core of the CPU came off. The RAM was inserted the other, still...
Albina asked June 18th 19 at 15:22
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