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JavaScript libo to create questionnaires?

You need to make a questionnaire (well, there is age, gender, education, favorite color, car, etc. etc.) with the scoring. It is clear that most riveted on the knee quickly, but there are many questions and each block depends on previous results. Suddenly there's a suitable Liba not to fence a Bicycle. Thanks in advance :)
Camylle.Shanahan asked October 10th 19 at 12:27

How to calculate the sum of all the votes of the social buttons?

Recently ran article — can't find it. The bottom line: the article raises a few buttons "like" and "+1", etc. Should be in a separate block to derive the sum of all votes from all installed buttons. The article was a ready example
Casimir.Schinn asked October 10th 19 at 11:54

The uniqueness of the vote in the web poll?

good time of day! task: to ensure to the extent possible, and enhance the uniqueness of the vote in the anonymous poll on the website. ideally, of course it is necessary that one vote = one person, but since this site is not real currently used: — vote only once from one IP (minus nick in NAT-e) — you can't vote with oper...
margot.Hilpert asked October 10th 19 at 10:10

How best to think about keeping "cool""not cool" for articles or posts in the database?

For example, can vote for one post from the same ip address, the base of the shell, of an innoDB table. We need to organize the storage of votes in the database with the least overhead and maximum speed rating calculation for the article. I think the table structure is the following: article_id (int 11) ip (varchar 15) mark...
ryder_Nikola asked October 10th 19 at 09:20

How to arrange online voting for the best post?

What are the services or ideas on how to choose the best post of several submitted to the contest? Spend a contest for the best review of the product you want to test and write a review. The prize goes to only one of the authors and it is necessary to assign. The easiest option is to personally choose the best one but I wo...
amari_Gusikowski asked October 10th 19 at 04:12

Voting system for your website?

There is a task: to place a simple vote on the website. Ie question and answers for him, you can only select one answer. To take into account the uniqueness of the user is not necessary. Maybe there are ready-made widgets or embedded solution? Thank you.
Reinhold66 asked October 9th 19 at 18:34

Python read stdin c

It took me to read byte-by-byte and decode everything that comes from stdin. Standard symbols, UTF8, special button. Single-byte characters no problems, but with the other humanly it is impossible to agree. Started with this: #!/usr/bin/python import select import sys import tty poller = select.poll() poller.register( s...
Julien_Volkman asked October 9th 19 at 17:28

Organization online voting?

Now I'm involved in a major Federal award to women (not a beauty contest) with a very large prize Fund, which can count really good people without any nonsense and intrigue. In this regard, there is an overwhelming desire extremely competently to make the online part of the premium. In this regard, I ask your advice and rec...
maverick.Marv asked October 9th 19 at 17:01

CMS to create surveys (like PollDaddy)?

Advise CMS that would allow you to create surveys, questionnaires, etc. Key requirements: the greatest possible number of question types, support for Russian language (not necessarily in the admin area, but not necessarily in the polls, because they are designed for Russian-speaking audience), the ability to export the resu...
dave_Braun asked October 8th 19 at 07:31

What services the organization of surveys you know?

Welcome. Did the task need on the page to install some sort of voting mechanism. So, the question, answers and get the result. The problem is that we have access only to client side. Only JavaScript, html and all. The results also nowhere to send. Need a reliable service with comfortable (or at least understandable) api th...
carole_Murazik asked October 8th 19 at 05:21