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What the worker must do the job, if PM is unavailable for the desired information, but there is a deadline?

The question is: You on Wednesday set a task that needs to be completed by Monday, not all the input you clear and PM became unavailable for follow-up questions (ill say). Colleagues are not aware of your problem, no one to ask. At the same time you know 2 ways of solving the problem and you will do it anyway, but there is ...
cedrick95 asked March 30th 20 at 01:10

Time estimation for module development in Java + Vue.JS. 3 weeks is a lot?

The developer gives an estimate time for development module 3 man/weeks The essence of the module Input: - Numerical series (time series). - Input method from a text file (*.csv) It is necessary to create, delete "forecast". Selection of the forecasting method (1 of 3). The calculation of the forecast by clicking the displa...
dagmar_Dare asked March 30th 20 at 01:09

Which application is best to use for UML?

Please advise which app would be best to draw UML 2.0 (class diagram, component diagram, object diagram, composite structure diagram, deployment diagram, package diagram, activity diagram, use case diagram, state machine diagram, interation diagram, squence diagram, interation overview diagram, communication diagram, timing...
gerry asked March 30th 20 at 01:02

Are there any desktop software to manage web projects?

Actually, the question above. Interested in the software under Windows 10. Project management, primarily SEO. Cloud solutions are not satisfied, are interested in is desktop.
ivory_Gutkows asked March 30th 20 at 00:52

How to record mitapov when managing projects?

Hi all. I am a project Manager, supervise 7-9 projects simultaneously. On them quite a lot and frequently held meetings, for example, on one project every day at 11, the second - every day at 12 for the third - Monday and Friday at 9. Question - how do you keep record of them? So I don't have to constantly remember what is ...
Makenna_Hodkiewic asked March 30th 20 at 00:11

Some KPI is applied to the system administrators/system techniques/technical support?

Hello. Management wants to implement KPI for employees of IT Department (system administrator,service engineer and system technician (aka unicast).As well suggested to think about it.What KPI are used to IT departments?
Vicente.Labadie asked March 30th 20 at 00:00

How do you keep a database of their projects?

Let's say you have a dozen sites. And they have the domain, hosting, FTP, all that. How do you keep a list of such projects, so it is not lost and it was all in direct reach and visibility? To find quickly where domain regilsja(and what there the password) when it is necessary to renew, and generally all that is needed for ...
Emilie asked March 29th 20 at 23:53

Name of the jobs?

Good time of day. We have such situation: There is a company that has a product that have been developed, fine-tuned by different teams. Product documentation no no. There are tons of legacy code. Different modules with different code style. New poured directly on prod, i.e. the master. New employees are now doing the same...
Regan.Zie asked March 29th 20 at 23:22

Why Slack, but not such as Telegram for the teams and business?

The telegram is a multi-user chat rooms, have private chats. Free. No need to collect a zoo of applications, etc. What are the advantages of Slack?
laila_Batz asked March 29th 20 at 23:11

What software to design a USER Journey Map and User Flow you recommend?

Engaged in the development of the Internet service, I would like to implement all conveniently I will be glad to Council Preferably Desktop
Nicolas.Ernser asked March 29th 20 at 21:38