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How to make a release frontend?

Hello! Tell me how to make a release? Is the development team of frontend. Team nagging features, each in its own branch. When it is ready, according to the developer, the feature is filled in a test environment (it 1). Team gash 50 features, put them on the test. In the process of testing bugs fixed in the test by differen...
mabel asked April 19th 20 at 12:26

How to save the developer from burnout? And whether or not to save?

Good morning everyone! I now work as a project Manager in the company with a fully distributed state. A couple of months ago we took a new mobile developer level middle and added to my project. When developing mobile applications I'm using like this flow works: The project Manager describes the task and provides all the...
Jason_Ba asked April 19th 20 at 12:16

How to calculate the efficiency of the development?

Tell me how to evaluate the effectiveness of the programmer's work and make up for his kpi, so if a programmer works quickly and delivers the project before he could receive the award. How to calculate the complexity and timing of the work on the project? Also tell me how to be in this situation if the programmer's work de...
angelica.Klein asked April 19th 20 at 11:55

What is this control method? As in the garages of the dealerships?

Hello. Interestingly the name of the management methodology, and methodology is. For example, service center dealership: In the showroom a few masters-inspectors. To them the recording. The wizard writes the client task takes the car to work. There working with him 1-2 technique. The wizard gives the car. And the master tak...
neva_Kilba asked April 19th 20 at 11:54

Where to see what was advertising projects,activity and results from this company?

In the diploma work we need to undertake an analysis of promotional activities themed city Masterslavl and write out the main projects and results from them. Using what data sources you can track what projects have been done over the last 3 years
damian.Bode63 asked April 18th 20 at 12:58

What books and blogs should read the Product Manager?

Interested in your TOP books and blogs. 2. What are some good blogs on UX?
Bart25 asked April 16th 20 at 09:56

What project management system do You use?

Good day, habracha! In connection with the quarantine measures and the overall epidemiological situation there is a lot of time for their projects and old ideas written in the notebook, quietly lying in the dark drawer of the Desk. Burnout brain office worker, accustomed to such systems as JIRA and SAP, will not accept oth...
Davon.Reill asked April 9th 20 at 10:43

What are the services for skills matrix/management?

Hi! Here's the situation. In our team, different people know different: someone who's very good with photoshop, someone senior java developer, someone poetry good reads, and some good can translation with drevnekitaiskogo in Swahili. Yet the whole thing is written to GoogleTalk. And how the civilized world is addressing ...
ellen_Ba asked April 9th 20 at 10:15

The combination of the roles of the PM + BA + Tester. Is it worth it?

Hello! Recently got a job in a company as a project Manager, where in addition to management I have to carry quite a broad range of responsibilities: 1. Technical writing 2. Testing 3. Design of API 5. Testing I'm trying to convince the supervisor that these duties need professional staff (analyst and tester), but the head...
mauricio.Wolff54 asked April 9th 20 at 09:50

How to build a job in a company without funds?

There is a small it company in a small town, she works with large and small media budgets, but it is not very elastic. Difficult to afford a proper office, and to pay a few good programmers so impossible. One of the advantages, challenges not as much and the total design time is not much limited, i.e. 2 tasks will be able t...
Arnold.Lark asked April 9th 20 at 09:49