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What opaque film/plastic is transparent in the near IR range?

Hi all. Comrades, in great need of advice/tip professionals. Problem: need to find a material that will not be transparent in the visible light range and thus will not be a barrier to infrared radiation of the middle range. Example: the eyes see black, opaque film/plastic. And in the image with night surveillance camera - y...
nettie_Towne52 asked April 19th 20 at 12:24

Why many tests according to GOST choose the temperature is 23°C?

Why many tests according to GOST choose the temperature is 23°C? For example an excerpt from GOST 27896-88: "The tests carried out at a temperature of (23±2) °C. Allowed to conduct tests at elevated temperatures: 40, 50, 55, 70 and 85 °C with maximum deviation of ±1 °C." I need justification of this temperature 23°C. May ha...
claudia_Crooks asked April 18th 20 at 12:44

As a dielectric is formed on the electric charge?

on the dielectric all the electrons are "tightly" sitting on their orbits, whereas in friction, dielectric electrified, if he can't accept or give up electrons, respectively, it must be neutral in charge.
rocio_Bins4 asked April 2nd 20 at 16:34

Whether in the world of tech directions which do not fade for decades?

Because that's rarely what the 80s consistently promising the encoders and the iron masters? Well, other theoretical science... Mathematics and physics, etc ?
Jaylon asked April 2nd 20 at 15:29

Does man know what is and how it works that it uses?

For example, a person uses a camera. It uses the maximum capacity of the camera makes incredible shots, etc. But how important is he know what is in the camera, how they interact between how a camera works at all, etc.? Or it doesn't matter, and most importantly it is the result of interaction with a camera? From a philosop...
ludwig_Prosacco1 asked April 1st 20 at 17:25

How to find the opportunity to invest in science?

Hello! Interested in investing in scientific projects. But the Internet didn't find any information. Can someone of You familiar with the scientific teams?
mohamed asked March 31st 20 at 21:25

How to conduct the experiment and draw right conclusions?

Hello! Advertising, and constantly confronted with experiments and ambiguous conclusions. I would like to somehow organize experiment-conclusion. I know that there is nauczy method of knowledge and rules of experimentation. By education a humanist. Tell me what and what sections to read, that might help. Now the drawing up...
Lottie8 asked March 31st 20 at 15:44

What is the most cheap experiment to prove that the earth is not flat?

Conditions: - available to the common man, without the magic of accesses. The term experiment is not more than a month.
bernita_Renn asked March 31st 20 at 14:54

What areas of automatic data collection for research exist?

Please tell me, where you can post your research data collection? what services are available? Here is a sample invitation text: "Hello! I invite You to take part in the study, aimed at establishing relationships between personality traits and decisions we make. If You are interested to participate in the modern study of p...
Lydia_Farrell asked March 18th 20 at 21:15

Testing the hypothesis on a random (or unknown source) numeric data as a series. The question of the organization?

Hi all. These are the stock flow data of price/volume. Know that there is no Grail, but please assume that you have found. Vertical lines of entrance and exit from the transaction. They are generated from my sequence of price/volume. The sequence is always different and different lengths, but vizualno I see they have some ...