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How to force quit a program on Mac OS?

Launched Sculptris, it's frozen. Hanging in the dock icon. Completed force - does not help. In the Terminal meddle not hunt, TK the user - the child (helping him remotely). Uninstalled a program - still in the dock hangs. When you expand a program opens a black window with no buttons to exit the program fails. Established r...
conner_Ritchie asked April 4th 20 at 13:54

Tutorials for sculptris?

Recently a friend showed me the program Sculptris Alpha. A good program, and I decided to do it, but can't find the site where video lessons on it(as well as photoshop, 3dmax, uniti, etc). If anyone uses it I can give the link, but if not then at least links to other good tutorials on Sculptris.
tamara.OK asked October 7th 19 at 17:22

How to change the length of multiple edges in a 3d editor?

The goal is to make some ribs the same length! A question on Blender. If you know how to do it in other editors, write
adelbert_Rayn asked September 26th 19 at 23:01

As with sculpting ,well-flatten ,highlighted in pink ,the faces?

As with sculpting ,well-flatten ,highlighted in pink ,the faces? How to make pasochki have sharp edges also sculpting?Thank you. PS: there is a cinema 4d sculpting,3d-coat,sculptris,zbrush.
Donavon_Konopels asked July 12th 19 at 19:36

How to scroll to the desired tools in a custom pallet in Zbrush r7?

Downloaded someone else's configuration interface for Zbrush r7 , due to the inconsistency resolution screens -I have some tools hiding in the pallets.How to scroll through them to reach the desired -will not catch up?thank you
Donavon_Konopels asked June 30th 19 at 17:56
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