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Printer Epson C91 leaves white streaks when printing on the entire sheet, why?

Printer Epson C91 installed CISS with dye sublimation ink. Until recently there were no problems. Since the beginning of the burst tubing black ink, replaced. Not always to print out a fully completed worksheet. Now a white horizontal strip across the image, especially in dark places. What to do?
Victoria.Moe asked September 19th 19 at 17:56

Article printer repair?

Does anyone have a sensible manuals, videos, books, articles, links, repair, diagnostics including laser, inkjet, printers??? search does not offer - is sought , it is sensible, practical, interesting:)
Arch44 asked September 18th 19 at 18:06

Superimposed text when printed. Is it possible to solve the problem?

Recently have problems with propechatka text and some images-the text moves down and gets superimposed on itself. Printer epson xp-100. Is it possible to fix yourself?
Shannon.Conr asked September 15th 19 at 06:55

Is it possible to install CISS for the same color?

Good day! There is inkjet printer Canon PIXMA MP160. It so happened that I need to print a lot of text. I tired to fill the cartridge every week or even more often. Moreover, periodically it becomes quite "dirty" activity. So I thought, maybe it's worth to install CISS on this printer? But I need only black color and CISS f...
Columbus asked September 9th 19 at 19:56

I will not use the printer how to save CISS system?

There is a Epson printer with a continuous ink supply system. Who will stand without work for the next half year. How to prepare the printer for such downtime? How to protect CISS from drying?
nikita.Stracke asked June 1st 19 at 15:49
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