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Which cable is best for solar panels?

Hello. I want to connect the batteries to the solar panel 200 W. There are two types of cable: thick conductors (1 Fig.) and thin cores (2 Fig.). Which cable is suitable for connections? So there is less loss of energy. .
hazle.Williams asked March 12th 20 at 13:14

Solar panel 100 watts without the barbaric margins -- where to buy?

The idea of Autonomous sustainable energy systems. The whole evening looking for where to buy solar battery 50-100 W at the lowest price. Location — Ukraine. Find either ready the device for 1-2 W (type charger for mobile), or without indication of prices. Those without indication of price — in my attempts to bid up the pr...
Moshe30 asked October 9th 19 at 23:42

New solar panels on soft materials

Hello! Found on a foreign website with interesting material about the new technology of placing solar cells on flexible materials such as paper or fabric, write a review. As for the website not so long ago, karma for a post is not enough. If you will be interested to read the news on this topic, please give me a chance a p...
isabella_Waelchi12 asked October 9th 19 at 22:14

Software for simulation of semiconductors

Good afternoon. Prompt a software for visual modeling of semiconductors. Particularly interested in modeling hetero transition solar cell. In addition to TCAD. In addition, the wondering where in Russia it is possible to order the modeling of semiconductor heterostructure solar cell, without any calculations?? Thank you.
phoebe31 asked October 8th 19 at 00:43

To determine the safety of solar panels...?

Good, Habr. Yesterday I received the solar panel, ordered on Ebay a few months ago. Opened them, looked inside and found that almost every panel has about 10% of the distorted appearance like this: First time dealing with solar panels. Prompt, who knows, does it make sense to ask the seller for a refund or is not much impac...
maia.Johnst asked October 3rd 19 at 08:16

Solar battery for phone? Which is better?

All greetings, actually a question such. Want a solar battery for phone. What models would you recommend? Not necessarily in Russia and abroad. This is still a question to experts what determines the power and battery from the squaring or material (parity, film)? Thanks for the replies.
omari.Roga asked September 30th 19 at 17:06

Why use flat wire in solar panels?

Hello! Faced with the task to understand the technology of solar cell production. You need to understand what is a flat wire (PV-Ribbon) and wire. Anyone close to the process, please enlighten.
breanna.Harv asked September 19th 19 at 00:15

How to choose a solar panel (the battery) to the led strip (5 meters)?

I note immediately the beginner. Learn to cook. There is a promotional stand in the yard where you want to mount a led strip (5 meters, 12volt, with consumption in 50ватт) for illumination at night. The guys decided to try to connect this case not through the Central mains and solar battery + controller with a timer (to aut...
patrick asked September 18th 19 at 20:01

The removal of the current-voltage characteristics of a low power solar panel with Arduino?

To study you need to conduct a further experiment to compare the efficiency of solar panels and their Assembly in different positions. To do this, you must remove each panel or Assembly of the current-voltage characteristic of, say, every 10 minutes. A small solar panel to 5V, 0.3 W like these. The idea was as a rheostat to...
Neva_Romaguera asked September 17th 19 at 00:56

In-depth information; solar batteries/wind turbines?

Dear. Where can I read the latest available detailed material about the structure of the solar panels and wind turbines?
Milton_Watsica asked September 11th 19 at 11:55