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Advise program to build stereometric models?

Preferably for Linux. If you have a good for Windows, too, to consult.
lisette_Ankundi asked October 7th 19 at 23:29

Is there a device that allows you to see the world in parallel rather than perspective projection?

In various 3d engines to get a picture of an orthographic projection is easy, but in the real world to do this is likely difficult. I wonder if it is possible to see the world not in the perspective and orthographic projection and whether there are devices to do this. Approximate the principle of operation of this device I...
aubrey.Price asked October 7th 19 at 10:05

As cut a piece of mesh on the other meshu?

Hello. Recently, there is a need to implement an algorithm that would "cut"/"cut out" an object by another object. For example, there are 2 of these in a mesh (mesh): Imagine that white one really big box, but we only see a small part of its surface. It is necessary for a "cut" piece, which occupies the lower part of the re...
chandler64 asked June 29th 19 at 15:00

Tracking rotation of 3D glasses?

Hello world, I have a 3D TV and I want to generate images(to start 3D cube) depending on the viewing angle and distance. But how to recognize these settings? the first thing that comes to mind is to stick to 3D points the marker of augmented reality, but a way to detect better? the video stream from a web camera of the lapt...
Rozell asked June 27th 19 at 19:23
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